DIY Car Detailing Keeping your car clean and shiny is one of the simple things that makes everyday driving a real joy. The only problem with professional cleaning is that it can be a bit expensive, even if you are only getting the basic services. For those of you who like to save money wherever possible but still want a nice clean car, here are a few DIY car detailing tips:

1. Get a good vacuum - One of the best ways to top off a good detailing is to make sure the carpets, seats, and floors are completely spotless. If you want to get all of the debris off the floor then you need to get a good vacuum that has a lot of different attachments. A variety of attachments will help you to get into all of the tight spaces and make sure that you don’t miss anything. In certain cases you may want to consider shampooing the carpets as well so that you can get extra tough stains and dirt out. Be patient when you start your vacuuming, as the entire process can be lengthy depending on the size of your car.

2. Cleaner and conditioner - If you have leather seats and want to take good care of them then you need to get a good cleaner and conditioner. Cleaning your leather seats every six months can help to remove dirt and oil that can collect over time. Once you have cleaned the leather, then the conditioner will seal the clean leather and help to keep it feeling soft and supple. If you make sure to care for your leather seats you can keep them looking and feeling just like new for many years.

3. Get microfiber rags - When you are cleaning and detailing your car it is important that you find some microfiber rags to use while you clean. It is very important to use microfiber rags when you are cleaning because other towels can scratch or harm your vehicle. Unfortunately most towels can cause damage to your exterior paint and can even scratch certain interior surfaces. If you want to keep your car spotless then you having a bunch of soft microfiber rags on hand is an absolute must.

Having a car that is clean inside and out, can really help you to feel good about life. Believe it or not, when your car is clean it makes it easier to clear your mind of excess worries and focus on driving. Keeping your car detailed also helps to increase your resale value, as people love to see a car that is well taken care of. The more effort you put into taking care of your vehicle, the more you’ll get out of it when the time comes to sell.

Micah Castro is a freelance writer for RPM East Valley, a company that makes renting a property a breeze.