How to Install a SaddlebagWhy Learn to Install a Saddlebag?

After selecting the most hip bike available in the market and the most fashionably styled motorcycle bag, the next ordeal that invariably perplexes every biker is that of properly installing the saddlebag on to the motorcycle. While it will be a good idea to get one of your friends to help you, a well-founded knowledge regarding the various installation steps is an essential requisite for every self-sufficient rider. In other words, it will be a ticket to your individual freedom in the long run. By becoming acquainted with all the detailed steps regarding the mounting process, you will not only save an incredible amount of time but will also gain an enormous degree of confidence.

Choosing the Appropriate Mounting Option

You need to possess a certain degree of imagination, precision and foresight in order to opt for the best mounting option. Hard mount and throw over are two of the commonly used mounting options. As the name suggests, hard mount saddlebags are difficult to detach and are ideal for long trips and bumpy rides. Throw over or detachable mounting option on the other hand can be removed easily and is ideal for short trips.

While it can be an arduous task settling for the appropriate mounting option, the nature and frequency of your rides can help you determine if throw over or bolt on option would best serve your needs.

Installation Procedure

In order to become adept at the art of motorcycle saddlebags installation you merely need to keep in mind the following key points

Organizing your Tools

Prior to initiating the mounting procedure, make sure you organize your tools.  Adjustable wrench and a flathead screwdriver are the two tools that will make your mounting ordeal considerably easy.

Ascertaining the Right Position

When it comes to mounting motorcycle bags, the position of the bag is as essential as the quality of the bag’s fabric. Take a good fifteen to twenty minutes to ascertain if you want to position your motorcycle luggage beneath the seat or at the bike’s rear or the sides.

Attach the Mounting Brackets to the Bike

Firmly attach the mounting brackets to your bike’s side or rear and measure the exact area between the holes.  After this, use a power drill to drill four holes in the back of the bag keeping in mind the approximate distance between four holes on the mounting brackets.

Bolt on Mounting Option

Also referred to as the permanent or long term mounting option, this mounting possibility is a special favorite amongst riders who like to carry heavy luggage around and who detest the sheer idea of periodically removing their luggage.

 For this mounting option, you expertly align the holes on the mounting brackets with the four holes at the back of the leather saddlebags. Once you have attached your biker bag to the mounting brackets, tighten the bolts using a flathead screwdriver.

Removable Mounting option

Popularly termed as the throw over mounting option, the installation procedure for throw over motorcycle saddlebags is pretty simple. These bags require no mounting brackets and can be easily attached at the bike’s side and dismounted with the utmost ease as well.

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