1953 Chevrolet CorvetteIntroduced in 1953 the Chevrolet Corvette would eventually become one of the most popular muscle bound sports car on the road. Chevy combined the brawny horse power of a high-powered engine with the sleek, svelte, charismatic body style that is characteristic and autonomous of today's Chevrolet Corvette.

Originally, Chevrolet's corporate king-pins considered the Corvette an experimentation and the initial production was held to just 300 cars. The first 15 Corvettes were built by hand in Flint, Michigan, but because of the car's unexpected popularity a facility in St. Louis was dedicated to manufacturing Chevy's new sports car. In its first year, all Chevy Corvettes were Polo white in color, with a red leather interior and a black canvas convertible top. Innovative extras would include a signal searching a.m. radio, with a trunk mounted antennae, and a dashboard mounted interior heater. The base price of Chevy's first Corvette was $3,498.00, which included $248.00 for shipping and handling charges.

The 1953 Corvettes featured a six cylinder engine aptly named the "Blue Flame". While the more powerful V-8 engine was available, Chevy had not yet acquired the rights to build one. In answer to this lack-of-power dilemma Chevy's engineering team counted on the car's distinctive style and original design to sell the car. The new Corvette managed to hold its own and in two years the Chevy Corvette also featured the celebrated high-powered eight cylinder engine.

Because of the Corvette's original motor, the car's desired reputation for speed was put on hold. The "Blue Flame" only allowed for 0 to 60mph in about 11 seconds, and the car's quarter mile speed came in at roughly 18 seconds. Still experimenting, the 1953 Chevy engineering team was uncertain as to where the speed restrictions were. Some blamed the limits of the V-6 motors, while others felt the lower power was attributed to the 2-speed automatic transmission. Neither lessened the car’s popularity.

Today's Corvette collectors and enthusiasts eagerly look to own one of the first 300 cars and it is believed that 225 of them are still available. Collectors not only appreciate the 1953 production year, but also the fact that the 1953 model is the rarest of all Corvettes ever made.

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