Make-Money-OnlineIf you've ever wanted to ditch your 9-5 desk job and start a business online, 2013 may be your year. With people spending money online like never before - and tools like blogging platforms that make starting a website a cinch - you'd be hard pressed to find a better time to become a small business owner. These dizzying array of options often overwhelm people, keeping them from making a firm decision.

To add focus to your future business, here are 5 ways to make money online that are going to be huge in 2013:

Wordpress Expert

Wordpress is the most commonly used content management system (CMS) in the world. According to this page at there are a staggering 57 million sites running Wordpress right now. While Wordpress is typically used to run blogs, that only scratches the surface of what it's capable of. Businesses from mom and pop hotdog stands to Fortune 100 businesses use Wordpress to run their sites.

That's where you come in.

As an expert, you can position yourself as someone that helps businesses make their sites better. You can advise them on which themes to use, which plugins they need to have and how to improve their site's user interface. This is a much more in-demand and specialized gig than a generic "webmaster job" and it expected to absolutely explode in 2013 as more site owners turn to Wordpress to run their personal and business sites.

Mobile Marketing Professional

Over the last few years the web has gone mobile. Everyone and their mom now browses the web with a smartphone or tablet in addition to their standard PC. This has thrown a wrench into many business's marketing plans, which were designed with PCs in mind.

They know that mobile is "the next big thing" online, but they're not sure how to take advantage of it. If you can quickly get them caught up in the "mobile revolution" you can expect huge commissions and monthly retainers.

Healthy Pets

Health conscious pet owners are looking down from their own dinner plate and into their pet's bowl. Organic dog food, cat food and even bird food is the fastest growing segment of the pet industry. There are many ways you can get in on the action online.

One way is to start your own healthy pet food. While this is a competitive space, it's likely to grow as more pet owners become concerned about their pet's diet. You can also start a blog that discusses ways to keep your pets healthy.

Analytics Firm

Businesses that receive significant amounts of website traffic are increasingly curious about what that traffic is up to. And they're willing to pay for that information. Anaytlics firms are in-demand because they help site owners interpret the sea of numbers they see everyday from their traffic stats.

Giving them actionable information can help them make more money from their existing traffic - a service almost any business would be willing to pay big bucks for.

Green Energy Consultant

Everything - from toilet bowl cleaner to food - is going green. And green energy is the largest and potentially most profitable sector of the green industry, according to Inc. Magazine.

There are literally too many internet-based green energy opportunities to mention, but one that requires little start-up capital is a green energy adviser for other businesses. As an adviser you'd work with businesses to help them reduce their carbon emissions. This wouldn't be only working with factories either --many offices are looking for ways to cut down on the energy they produce.

Translation Services reports that the demand for translators is set to increase significantly in 2013. Why? Because more site owners need their site professional translated so that they can market to a global audience.

Even if you only speak English, you can still hire a team of translators at sites like to do the translating while you do the hard work of pitching, closing and managing clients. recently posted an article about ways to make extra money online which you can see here. Here you'll find a few tips and tricks for stay at home moms to earn a part-time or full-time living online.