The Benefits of Proper Electronics RecyclingIt is no secret that technology advances quickly. Products purchased just a month prior can be considered obsolete and in need of replacement. However, this throwaway technology culture is harmful to the environment and to society as a whole. In this article, you will find information on how to properly recycle your electronics. By doing so responsibly, you'll know that you have done a great service to the world at large.

Do you really need new electronics?

It is very tempting to rush out and buy the latest smart phone, computer or tablet. Before making a purchasing decision, you should analyze what products you already own. Are they doing the job adequately? Do you really need a new product, or do you just want to own a trendy status symbol? Rather than throw away your current products, you should make an effort to keep using them as long as possible. This practical approach saves you money, keeps harmful substances out of the environment and reduces the need for electronics recycling.

For example, if you own a computer that is now too slow, consider reformatting it and reinstalling the operating system for a substantial speed boost. Install upgrades like additional RAM, a better video card, a faster processor or a bigger hard drive. Never throw away a computer because it has a virus. These are usually easy to remove.

Can someone else use it?

Consider donating your used electronics. Computers can always be used by schools, universities, libraries, charities and small businesses. For example, homeless shelters are in need of computers that will allow their clients to work on their resume, set up e-mail accounts and search for jobs.

Electronics Recycling

Many components should not be disposed of in regular trash due to the chemicals that they contain. For example, LCD monitors often contain mercury, CRT monitors contain lead and circuit boards are made with numerous other chemicals hazardous to the environment. Seek out a responsible electronics recycling company or a hazardous waste disposal site before you get rid of these items.

The importance of choosing a responsible company cannot be overstated. Many companies are located in third-world countries. They utilize child labor to extract precious chemicals from electronics. This process produces hazardous fumes and can cause serious injury or lifetime debilitation. The chemicals used to extract valuable substances can also be hazardous to the environment, thus negating much of the benefit of recycling the items in the first place. You should only give your business to recycling companies that follow proper safety procedures and respect human rights. It is highly recommended to have your electronics recycled in North America or Europe rather than Asia. Before you decide to recycle your electronics at all, however, see the two previous sections about reusing your devices. Always do your best to make sure that you produce as much waste as possible. We all have to do our part to help the environment and our fellow man.

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