LED Lighting - A Retailer's DreamChristmas is two and a half months away and it is the time that retailers start packing out their Christmas window displays. This is one of the key factors to the success of a retail store during the Christmas period – simply because the more attractive, bright and fun the display, the more likely it will draw the customers attention.

So what is an LED display? The short and non-technical answer is that the LED light is a semiconductor light source. This means that is uses less power to burn and it burns brighter. An LED display on the other hand is a video display that uses the same lighting source – meaning that the lighting uses actual LED bulbs to display each pixel on the screen.

There are three distinct advantages to using this type of display in your retail store window: Brighter, Cheaper, Dynamic and stable.

Number One - The LED display unlike the common TFT (Thin Film Transistor), as mentioned above, uses actual bulbs to display each pixel. The TFT on the other hand uses a liquid crystal display, which spreads the image evenly across the screen. Using a LED display in your window will ensure that your display is more visible as the colours will be brighter and more densely populated.

Number Two – Using an LED display is cheaper than using a normal TFT display. The reason for this is that the semiconductor light source in an LED light uses less watts, while burning brighter and brighter the longer it stays on. The LED unlike the TFT uses a back-lit display ensuring that it displays the image with the least amount of energy required to keep it burning.

Number Three – Advertising on an LED display screen is dynamic and is able to continuously be changing. This ensures that the customers do not feel bored at watching the same screen shot over and over. This means people will stay longer to look at the brighter and more vivid colouring of the display.       

Number Four – LED displays are weather resistant and offer a stable picture across the entire screen. This stability ensures that the retailer’s products are more clearly displayed on the screens and ensures the picture is of high quality.

In conclusion, using an LED display unit in your retail store window is the right way to go this Christmas – it will ensure that your displays picture is of high quality, bright and clearly displayed and with minimum cost.

I am Greg Jones – a property expert. In the busy periods we like to use LED display units that show off our deals, specials and latest properties in the shop fronts display window. I find this is a fantastic way to operate, since it is cheap and people often come in saying, the house or apartment caught my eye in your window, can you give me more detail. This truly is a drawing card into your shop.