How are Evacuated Tubes More Efficient for Solar Hot Water?Different types of solar water heating systems have been used for hundreds of years and during the entire journey this process of harnessing the suns energy has continued to improve.

To heat water with the help of solar power can be described as the most efficient way of heating water, without any side effects and the costs attached with this process are quite lower than using grid power.

As I mentioned above this process has gone through a good number of improvements as technology improves and heating systems as a result have turned out to become much more efficient and precise. Evacuated tubes which are used for heating water can currently be considered as the most efficient form of hot water heating.

The reason for this is that the percentage efficiency achieved form evacuated tubes is well over ninety percent. Meaning that ninety percent of energy which is absorbed by the solar panels is successfully converted into heat.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Evacuated Tubes can also be described as one of cheapest renewable sources of energy and the initial installation costs, of which some might think as high, will save you each year by cutting your power bill substancially.

Why are They More Efficient?

Evacuated tubes have several reasons for being more efficient than any other sources for solar powered water heating and there are various productive and long term benefits associated with the them.

Glass Vaccuum

Glass wall located on the outer surface carries an absorbent coating and the inner side of the wall has a reflective coating. This defines the function of the glass walls accordingly. It is interesting to know that these tubes have no air in them and have vacuum. Inside each tube air is removed which results in vacuum and after that copper heat pipe is placed in the center of the glass tubes.

Not Effected By Extreme Cold

During the colder months, the tubes keep working in a normal manner and you do not need to worry about, getting hot water. The vacuum created inside the tube prevents any internal freezing, when the outside temperature might be well below freezing.

Doesn't Matter if it is Cloudy

 Even in the presence of clouds the required amount of heat reaches the tubes and you will get warm water. Installing evacuated tubes for heating water, with the help of solar power, can turn out to be beneficial in the long run. The results are amazing during cold weather, as the consumption of hot water is increased during cold winters.

Mark Heffernan is a registered plumber runs a local solar hot water installation business.