5 Ways to Avoid Unforeseen Mobile CostsOwning a mobile phone can be costly, with monthly bills to pay and the expense of the handset itself to worry about. Furthermore, hidden costs can hit you when you are least prepared for them. Here are five of the most common unforeseen mobile costs, including ways in which you might be able to avoid them.

Accidental Damage

Your phone is a fragile piece of technology that is filled with delicate components, which if damaged will leave you with a very expensive bill for the repairs. Often a repair after damage can be too costly for many people to bear, which means they end up using a bargain basement mobile until their contract runs out. A good way to avoid accidental damage that leads to unforeseen costs is to protect your phone with a carry case or cover of some kind, as well as getting it insured so that you do not have to pay the full repair costs if damage does occur.


A stolen phone will not only leave you looking for a replacement at your own expense, but will also be a traumatic experience to handle in its own right. This means that the costs are just adding more fuel to the fire of stress and hurt that could burn inside you for some time. To avoid theft, keep your phone in a safe place when it is at home and also keep it out of sight when in public. Always purchase a suitable mobile insurance policy to make sure that you can get a replacement.

Mechanical Breakdown

When a phone breaks through no fault of your own but the warranty does not cover you, it will become a costly but useless ornament. The best way to protect against the woes of mechanical breakdown is via a mobile phone insurance policy, because the warranty or manufacturer's guarantee will only go so far.


Losing your phone can be almost as upsetting as having it stolen, so you will want to do everything you can to avoid it. Most modern smartphones have a built-in tracking service, which means you can locate a lost phone as long as it is still on, so check up to see if this is available on your handset. Mobile insurance policies can also protect against loss, although this will increase your premium by a small amount.

Unauthorised Calls

A lost or stolen phone can be used by third parties to make calls, costing you additional money. Mobile insurance can offer a way of compensating you in this instance, which means there should be no hidden costs that you cannot handle.

Sophie works alongside http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/ and has recently renewed her mobile insurance policy to ensure she is covered against all possible eventualities.