How To Use Technology To Find Love These days, love is quite literally in the palm of your hand. With smart phones, iPads and the latest technology at our disposal, it's now easier than ever to fall in love or at least get a date!

Here are the best ways to use technology to find love.

Communicate! A huge part of the technology we have access to requires you to be social. Sharing your thoughts, your locations, where you ate lunch, can open the doors to meeting new, and eligible, people. Applications like foursquare, instagram and twitter can easily express the kind of person you are and what your interests are, naturally connecting you to people with similar interests. Instead of writing paragraph after paragraph trying to write about who you are, now you can show, not just tell-through photos, status updates and tweets.

Availability. Some applications even offer real time status updates, so you can let your social circle know where you are, and for how long you'll going to be there. Perfect way let a new man you've met know that you're in the mood for an afternoon coffee-maybe he'll swing by and join you! Some dating websites also have location based matching, where you enter your location and are instantly alerted that there are other daters in your vicinity hoping to meet up. If you are ok with spontaneity, this kind of dating can be fun, thrilling and surprising.

How To Use Technology To Find Love Meet up groups. Many times online dating sites will host large meet ups or singles events, whether it be at a local bar or engaging in an activity like team sports or speed dating. You can always be alerted to these kind of social gatherings on your smart phone and will be able to see who is going to be in attendance. These mixers are a great way to bridge the gap between online dating to offline dating, and are perfect for those who get nervous on one on one dates!

Safety With so much information at your fingertips, it might be tempting to share your every thought and feeling with the internet, but your main priority should always be your safety. Don't check in to locations on FB or Twitter when you are alone, and sometimes it's best to check in after you've already left. Maintain your privacy and don't use technology to share your address, work location or any other personal information. Remember, while you're using technology to find love, other people might have other agendas, and there is no such thing as being too safe on the internet!

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