Feng Shui Office DesignIt’s Monday morning. You walk into work, shoulders slumped, with the Monday morning blues. Your office/cubicle neither looks inviting nor does it welcome you with open arms. If this sounds familiar, then you need to be educated on the Chinese Art of Feng Shui, my friend. 

Feng Shui is the Ancient Chinese Art, borne from Taoism, where the elements of nature can help to create a more relaxed, supporting environment, be it at home or at work. It is believed that Positive Chi, (Chi meaning energy) and good fortune can arise if Feng Shui is properly followed.

A balance, Yin Yang, is an important aspect of Feng Shui. It provides the necessary balance needed to keep you in control and support you.

Not only does Feng Shui increase productivity and prosperity at work, it also has the ability to reduce stress, increase your income and create a work environment where you feel confident and supported.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, then read on!

  •  To create an energizing environment that motivates you to work, you need to balance the dark colours with the bright ones. Strive for vibrant colours that brighten up the room. Natural light balances the darker energy so always allow natural light through your windows. (A few scented candles wouldn’t hurt either!
  • Position your desk and desk chair (preferably an ergonomic one to support your back) so that you are not in line with the door or that your back is facing the door. This is to avoid the negative energy in the office (And you know that’s inevitable…). Negative energy can also be prevented by having a wall, a tall, strong building or any solid surface behind you, as support.
  • If however, the universe is against you and you have no choice but to sit and face a wall, place photographs, beautiful pictures of scenery or frames of accomplishments around you, to encourage you, uplift your mood, inspire you and remind you of your future goals. Place these around your desk as well as the wall to balance out any negative energy emanating from the office.
  • Your office/cubicle is where you spend most of your time, so treat your office and your files with respect.
  •  A rock garden, mini waterfall, mini fountains and one or two plants will balance the office energy, provide a warmer, harmonious atmosphere and allow the trust between you and your colleagues/co-workers to build.
  • A clean office means a clear mind. So be organised with your files and paperwork and always work to keep it clutter free.
  • In Boardroom/conference meetings, it is preferable to have round or oval shaped tables as it provides an air of negotiating and problem solving as well as a more productive feel to the office.

Even if you don’t have an office of your own, that does not mean the rules of Feng Shui can’t apply to you. If you work in a cubicle and have a lovely view of a dull, grey office divider, then why not spruce it up with a few of the tips mentioned above. You can even opt for different colour office dividers, maybe in red or blue so that you can have more positive chi in your working environment. Don’t forget the photos and the plants on your desk! A calmer, relaxed environment means a calmer relaxed you, so good luck and have fun!

Kirndeep Sandhu is a creative writing graduate and avid blogger, who has published stories and articles in local newspapers and loves to write about anything and everything.  She currently blogs for Applied Workplace.