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Small-Business-Insurance-CoverAs an owner of a small business, there are lots of issues that you need to be concerned about, including a number of risks that the business can be exposed to due to its operation, acts of omission and commission by employees, issues with customers and suppliers, as well as your own employees. Without adequate insurance, a small business can be very easily wiped out if its operations are affected by damage to its infrastructure or due to legal suits by others. As a cautious and prudent business owner, you need to constantly keep reviewing your insurance cover to ensure that you have adequate cover and not wasting money on something that is not required. A brief checklist for an end-of-the-year review:

Review Your Liabilities

You need to ascertain that you have paid all the premiums that were due on the various insurance covers that you have taken out. Making a list on a computer spreadsheet is the easiest way of keeping track of all the policies and the due dates of the premiums. If there are any claims that you have made or if there are any claims made against you, you may be required to make adequate provisions for in your year-end accounts so be sure to consult your accountant or financial adviser.

Review Your Coverage

As a business owner, you are potentially exposed to a whole lot of risks that can substantially affect your business unless you are adequately insured with the appropriate cover. Make sure that your business property, as well as equipment, is covered against loss or damage due to fire and severe weather incidents. If your building is in a flood-prone zone be sure that you get flood cover. If you have employees, you should consider employment practices liability insurance that will safeguard you from claims of wrongful or discriminatory practices from your employees.

If employees are required to be on the road for company matters, then consider auto insurance to keep them protected. Make sure you get a number of car insurance quotesso that you get the cheapest premium. You need to be conservative when estimating the value of the cover that you need to acquire. Do consult a competent insurance agent to make sure that you are not underinsured. Find out if you benefit from an umbrella policy that can give you larger coverage and limit your losses better.

Review Your First-Party and Third-Party Insurance

Apart from making sure that your property is insured adequately, you need to also take care of safeguarding your inventories of raw materials as well as finished goods. If your business has the responsibility of taking care of third-party goods then you need to have a cover that protects you from its damage or loss. If your business is such that it handles a lot of cash, then consider fidelity insurance that will protect you from employee pilferage and theft.

Review Insurance Covering Risk of Doing Business with Others

When you engage contractors or sub-contract your work out, their failure to work as committed may expose you to litigation from your customers. You need to have indemnity agreements signed with your contractors that will shift the responsibility of such claims on you to them. Alternatively, you may consider insurance policies to be taken out by them wherein you are named as an additional insured. In case, they fail to deliver as contracted, you may be in a position to claim damages from the insurance company in whose cover your company has been included. You need to conduct an annual check that these covers are in place or else you may find yourself in a soup.

Review Your Personal Insurance

As the owner of a business enterprise, the fortunes of your company are intricately linked with your personal wellbeing. When you are reviewing all the insurance covers, you should make it a point to also examine your own personal insurance cover to ensure that it is in force and adequate for the risks that can be normally anticipated. Make sure that you have adequate auto insurance that will protect you from claims by others besides keeping you protected if you are involved in an accident caused by someone who is not insured. Also, make sure that your home and personal belongings are adequately insured against fire and natural disasters. If you find the task of reviewing your insurance too complicated, make it a point to get in touch with a competent and experienced insurance consultant to help you to assess the situation and recommend the future course of action.

Author bio: Steven Hayes is an insurance consultant. He specializes in advising SME owners, on how to optimize their insurance coverage, by providing multiple car insurance quotes. Steven is also a passionate blogger and writer of articles on insurance; some of which, can be read on http://rsadirect.ae/

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Key-Ingredients-Efficiently-Run-BusinessRunning your own company is very much like managing a community of people. Everyone must work together and be on the same ground to achieve progress and success. The company is built upon its employees and they are the foundation that holds it together. If even a single cog in this machine fails, then everything can potentially fall apart.

Running a great business is in a lot of ways an art. When everyone harmoniously works together and everything meshes properly, then the result is a company that is able to function almost effortlessly without much need for improvement. However, you can learn about what are the most crucial things that make up a smoothly running corporation. But it is up to you in the end to be able to execute them properly. Here are our picks for the four ingredients of making a business flourish.

Company Motto

Also known as the company’s mission statement, a motto is what defines a company and what it aims to accomplish. Having a simple but clear company motto is what snaps all its employees back into reality and keeps them mindful about what it is that they are here to do. It’s a reminder that informs everyone in the company about why and what they set out to do. Everyone company should start by making their motto in order to run smoothly.

Remember that your company’s mission statement should be simple and clear. As a rule of thumb, it should just be one sentence and even a child should be able to understand. For example, Google’s mission statement is to “Archive the internet”. This simple phrase is what has kept Google consistently committed to innovating in a specific way, even when they expand their company function to other areas. They have managed to grow and by using this motto, they have kept faithful to their ways for years and have never been whelmed by their own progress.

Internal Communication

A company whose employees aren’t constantly talking to each other is a company that simply doesn’t meld together. Some companies form a bad habit of growing a distance between people of different backgrounds, so employees in the IT department may never speak to the business managers, even if they work for the same company.

A very successful company in the recent years is Virgin Airlines, and the reason for their success is that they have a clear relationship with one another. Whenever there is a company meeting, everyone shows up, including the engineers, businessmen, managers, even the artists who draw the Virgin Airline logo. Their belief is that everyone must be heard and there is no opinion that is irrelevant.


A company should always be constantly gauging itself at the end of every month, even quarter year and every year etc. Monitoring your own performance is extremely vital for running a smooth business. If you don’t have any idea how your revenue were, or how your throughput was, then there is no way to pinpoint any underlying problems within the company.

Nearly every company that has ever been able to grow large is thankful to self-assessment. It has allowed them to recognize the potential problems as well as see which areas can be improved upon. For example, a smartphone company may be able to research and manufacture amazing technology, but their shipping services may be poor. They may continue their work, thinking that their own technology is flawless, and ignore the issues in the broader picture. Unless such a company drafts their results and compares them to other performances in their past, they may never know such problems.


At the end of the day, a company is serving customers. They may be other companies, but still, there is always someone at the receiving end of your enterprise. And in order to run efficiently, it is imperative that you get their feedback. You need to communicate with them and get their impressions about how your services were and what could be improved upon.

Author Bio: This article is written by Anthony Bradshaw, who has a Master’s Degree in Management. He has written for write my essay cheap, mainly covering topics on business development as well as giving advice on entrepreneurship.  

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help-term-papers-Excellent-AcademicTerm papers are based on numerous kinds of topics from science to business and so on. Only experts can write on various subjects so don’t ruin your time, money and grades by hiring inexperienced writers who have no knowledge about subject as well as rules and regulations of writing.

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Swipe-Elite-NoteIn India, the count of heavily spec’d smartphones is rising at a great pace. First, the Chinese players and now our favourite home-brands, they all are inching towards bringing the best at the cheapest price tag. The formula is simple for all: the lesser the price, the better the deal. No matter how good a phone looks or performs, until its price is tempting, no one likes it!

Following the same rule of thumb, India’s most successful start-up Swipe technologies has introduced an entry-level phablet for big-screen lovers, Swipe Elite Note. The third member of company’s “Elite” family, Swipe Elite Note brings a perfect mix of top-notch internals and good looks. The device is available exclusively via Flipkart, and is posing some serious competition against one of the best Coolpad Note 3, Redmi Note 3, and Le 1s Eco. Though it’s a new kid, the performance and power of this device is a real element of interest. It ships at INR 7,999 and brings all of this in the package:

Slim metal body

Swipe Elite Note is a device with a dash of class. It features a sleek profile tipping at 8.4mm, and incorporates a magnesium alloy body that not only looks sturdy but also makes a great impression from all angles. The metallic finish and Sandstone back of this handset is something that you’ll hardly see on any entry-level smartphone. You’ll fall for it on first look, and will love it while holding and carrying it around. In other words, this premium metal crafted beauty is a perfect mix of looks and comfort, where you can live the premium feel while attending a call or watching a full-HD video.

Display and Visual experience

Just like Coolpad Note 3 and Redmi Note, Swipe Elite Note packs a super-impressive 5.5-inch HD IPS display. The device looks fairly strong, but unlike these phablets, it boasts vibrant colours and gets better with advanced Vi-Di technology that augments visual experience with enhanced brightness and sharpness. It looks very premium with Arc touch-screen and endows a true-to-life cinematic experience with perfect viewing angles. Plus, it’s also worthy to note that it’s one of the best displays in the highly-competitive sub-10k price bracket, and is protected with Dragontrail glass that keeps scratches and bumps at bay.

Hardware and Performance

With focus on performance and power-efficiency, Swipe Elite Note boasts a 64-bit Quad-core processor with 3GB RAM and 16GB inbuilt storage. The metal-clad handset manages hefty usage quite easily and does not lag or heat up at any point. In fact, whether you’re listening music, drafting an email or playing a game like Asphalt 8 or GTA, there will be no tedious load times or lags while running the concerned application. It makes a great overall package and also allows you to expand storage up to 32GB via microSD card.

Software and UI

Based on Android 5.1 Lollipop, Swipe Elite Note brings its own Freedom OS with a bunch of tweaks and features. The customized UI featured on this handset takes the entire user-experience to a whole new level, and adds more fun with unwavering app execution and effective power-backup. It ships with nearly no bloatware and keeps things up and running without any snags. In our opinion, it’s different from stock Android, but there’s a lot more to like it.

Camera Output

For picture-perfect photography, Swipe Elite Note bears a 13-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front-facing shooter. The device delivers sharp and crisp images, and outperforms most phones with same pixel count on both ends. Its main camera carries a Sony sensor with a LED flash and an aperture as wide as f1/3.2, while front-facing snapper is bundled with an 88-degree wide-angle lens, paired with an f/2.8 aperture allowing more light into the camera sensor. So, they both go together and take top-notch images just like a mid-range device with improved camera sensor.

Advanced Connectivity Options

At home or on-the-go, Swipe Elite Note keeps you connected with Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth, 3G HSPA+, and 4G LTE. It features LTE connectivity on both SIM card slots and delivers blazing download and upload speeds without any snafus. Video calls, web-surfing, or downloading, it all becomes easy with advanced LTE and 64-bit processor of this handset.

Another element of interest on Swipe Elite Note is the IR Blaster that enables the user to control major electrical appliances such as, AC, projectors, TVs, set-top boxes and DVD players. It kills the need to run towards a remote every single time.

Battery Life

Swipe Elite Note features a 3000 mAh battery and gives slick performance with enough juice for non-stop work and play. It lasts all day on heavy usage, and makes a perfect package for users who’re always up and running without a Power Bank or a regular wall charger. As for Standby time, this mind-boggling beauty boasts 18 days of standby power to pit against most budget phones with big batteries. It looks like a big house of power creating an ideal ecosystem for moderate as well as heavy usage.

Availability and Pricing

As mentioned earlier, Swipe Elite Note has been priced at INR 7,999, and is available exclusively via Flipkart.com. The device makes a tempting deal for buyers on a tight budget, and can be purchased with several discounts and cashbacks schemes as well. Unlike other budget phones, it does not follow flash sale model on Flipkart!


Summing things up, we can declare Swipe Elite Note as one of the finest entry-level phablets in the Indian market. The device includes a perfect mix of good looks, high-end internals, and well-optimized software, and delivers an incredible user-experience at a price like no other. Swipe Technologies has created an ideal masterpiece that sticks with the condition of pricing and offers balanced performance just as we see on renowned high-end phones such as Redmi Note 3, Le 1s Eco, and Lenovo Vibe K4 Note.

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What-IP-address-NETGEAR-routerIn order to have the regular internet connection, today most of the individuals and business people are installing different wireless routers at their home or office. From among the various wireless router brands, Netgear is the most famous and preferable choice of many users. Every router for getting the wireless internet connection has the default IP (Internet Protocol) address at all. If you are using the Netgear wireless router at your home/office, it is essential to know the IP address of your Netgear router device.

Finding the Netgear router IP address:

Netgear router models for your home network generally have or as the default ip addresses. The default ip address values of the Netgear routers are known for everyone. Sometimes, the users are personalizing their router settings and change the default values. In such situations, they may not know the current ip address of their router. The following steps and instructions are very helpful to locate the current IP address of your Netgear home router.

·  The Netgear router users can able to access your device by just typing http://192.168.01 or on your web browser.

·  During the access of these default ip address, you have to make sure that 192.168.o.1.1 is wrong address and the actual ip address of the Netgear router is 192.168.01 or are the correct and good ip addresses to access your device. 

·  If your browser shows the page not found error, then your router ip address may have been changed prior.

While finding the ip address on the browser, everyone has to make sure that your computer is connected wirelessly or wired to the router device. The system which you are using should have to get the router’s ip address automatically. If the computer is using the static internet protocol address, then you will also need to configure it for obtaining its ip address automatically.

Steps to get the Netgear ip address for Windows computers:

In order to locate the current internet protocol (IP) address of your Netgear router, you have to follow anyone these sequences of steps based on your computer operating system (OS).

Windows XP:

1. On the Start menu, you need to right click on the My Network Places option, and click on the properties.

2. If your computer is connected to the router through wire, it is essential to double click the Local Area Connection. If there is a wireless connection between the computer and a router device, you need to double click the Wireless Network Connection option.

3. After that, you need to click on the support tab and click on details. There will be a pop-up window which displays your router’s current IP address.

Windows Vista:

1. On the Start menu, you have to right click on the Network option and choose the properties. It will open the Network and Sharing center.

2. If your computer is connected to the router wirelessly, you can click view status option available to the right side of the wireless network connection. When there is a wired connected between the computer and Netgear router, you need to click on the view status option to the right side of the local area connection.

3. Then, click on the details option. Your Netgear router IP address will be displayed next to the Ipv4 default gateway.

Windows 7:

1. In the start menu bar, you can right click on the network connection icon and choose the Open network and sharing center.

2. For the wireless connection, click on the wireless network connection option and for the wired connection to the router, you need to click on the Local Area Connection.

3. In this step, you can click on the details. Next to the Ip version 4 default gateway, the IP address of your Netgear router will be displayed.

Finding IP address on Mac operating systems:

If you are using the Mac computers, the following steps are useful to find the Netgear IP address.

Mac OS X terminal method:

1. You need to launch the terminal which is located in the path / applications/ utilities.

2. Then, you have to type ifconfig |grep inet command

3. The requested details will be shown on the screen.

4. The internet protocol address of your Netgear router is actually shown next to the last broadcast entry.

5. You can also use another command line option like ifconfig getifaddr en1 or en0 to show your device IP address.

OS X 10.5 and later versions:

1. From the Apple menu, you have to select the System preferences option and then choose the Network.

2. In this window, the users can click the network port based on the type or wired/wireless connection between your router and computer such as Airport/Ethernet/Wifi.

If there is a connection made, then you will see the IP address of the Netgear router under the status.

About the author: Hi, my name is Masha and I am is passionate about technology, internet marketing and I am writer who writes on computer technology questions like router settings, computer security, ip address and many more questions about computer problems.