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Enterprise-App-DevelopmentA few days back we, I along with one of the senior members from our software unit, were casually discussing Enterprise Mobile App Development Market & Key Trends in Mobile Application Development. Honestly speaking I thought of penning down the same for the benefit of all my readers.

He was of the opinion that though there has been exponential development and now everyone around knows the tack tics of Building a Successful Mobile Application,  there are a lot of myths about enterprise app development; which if taken care could help one and all – big time.

Based on our discussion, I have tried and formulated five myths about enterprise app development along with suggested solutions. We did a small analysis on organizations having more than 1200 employees in order to reach to those pain areas – common to all.

The common observation that we had was the across businesses, people were more than engaged in just one activity and that was to control the turmoil created as a result of development process. They, Business managers – developers – IT; though highly literate and experienced, need to know that technology today conveniently allows you to outsource enterprise mobile app development, for transforming your business process, that also compliments your existing IT platform. I would sincerely suggest all the businesses to take full advantage of new technologies and facilities offered by these outsourcing partners at competitive pricing.

  1. Enterprise Apps Take Long Time than Normal

The development is happening at a pace that is unbelievable and so we are sure about the fact that time is money. A lot of companies are of the opinion that enterprise apps may take more than half a year to build and further some more time to be implemented. However; selecting an appropriate mobile platform may cut on the development time to half – bring it down to merely 60 to 90 days; resulting in decreased time to market and decreased development costs.

  • Ultimate solution for developers is to decrease app development time by reusing the code and backend services; as and when possible so as to expedite the integration.
  1. Legacy Systems Won’t Entertain New Apps

Legacy- conventional-Existing systems are one of the barriers for businesses to embrace the new technologies. They all, who have invested in these systems, hesitate to opt for Mobile Apps unless they are fully convinced that they would successfully integrate with their existing technologies. Let’s acknowledge that a suite of enterprise apps is equipped to connect usually between to two to six APIs and backend systems. Now the existing or conventional systems, may be two of three, do not have accessible APIs, which hampers the development or will render the entire mobile app of no use.

  • Mobile backend as a service; has worked out successfully for a lot of businesses. Put in control an enterprise – grade mobile backend as a service with an API infrastructure that empowers mobile devices to access legacy systems.
  1. Mobile Apps Means a Lot of Coding Languages

Numerous coding languages and keeping a tab to all of them may prove fatal and time consuming. This inculcates in to continuous hiring various platform developers for a lot of businesses.

  • Instead, use familiar languages and start hiring developers well versed with several coding languages including HTML 5 – JavaScript - Objective-C - C# - Sencha Touch and many more. Innovate and Implement Your Own Toolkit approach. It will allow your developers to use languages and toolkits they are comfortable working with.
  1. Apps Means Heavy Data Management

Enterprise apps are usually very heavy in terms of data, resulting in high load on handsets and backend systems.

  • 4G Smartphone and tablets are expected to use 5,114 and 5,387 MB per month of cellular data, respectively, by 2017.
  • That will push data usage up to 292% and 556%, respectively, over five years.

Filtering data sets to handsets is one of the solutions one may look forward to. We know that all good platforms consume large amount of data from backend and transmit a small filtered set of data on the handset. Try your way out to ensure that the size of data that is transferred for every individual app keeps as low as 1 MB.

  1. A Mobility Chief with Heavy Remuneration is The Solution

A lot of businesses try & assign app development and deployment to a person – who happens to be the chief of Mobility programs and come in at high remuneration. However it is noteworthy that industry standards suggests that an average project needs a minimum of 20 personnel including business heads – developers -  project managers - IT &employee participants.

  • A pool resource happens to be the best solution. A mobile steering committee may join forces and use the existing technology standards and requirements to guide new mobile projects across numerous business units.

About Chirag Shivalker: Chirag Shivalker is a Head of Content Marketing Team at Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services. He is a seasoned Marketing Writer & Editor with extensive experience creating print and Web content across varied industries. His exceptional portfolio includes feature articles for trade and consumer publications, marketing collateral, press releases, and online content.

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Parallax-DesignOne of the hottest new trends in web design has its roots in the Nintendo era of side scrolling technology.  We're talking, of course, about parallax design, also known as parallax scrolling.  The concept is simple—make certain layers of the background move at different speeds to create a three dimensional effect on a two dimensional plane.  This is how video game designers captured the youth of the world by creating realistic looking worlds that have now progressed beyond our wildest dreams.

What is Parallax Design?

The term “parallax” comes from the Greek word, “parallaxis,” meaning “alteration.”  By altering the way different background images move and appear, the illusion of depth is attained, thereby altering our perception of the website.  Simply put, as you scroll down through the site, different elements of the background will quickly pop up into view and then fade away. 

Of course, that's just the most basic and common application of parallax design, but it tends to yield the best results when used sparingly—this is definitely a case of “less is more.”  When you have too many moving parts, it can be a bit confusing, but with just the right amount, parallax design can prove both stunning and impressive to your viewers.

How it Parallax Design Attained?

Parallax design is possible with websites now thanks to CSS3 and HTML5.  If you're a coder, you already know what those are and if you're not a coder, you'll have to hire one in order to build you a parallax website, so you don't have to worry about it.  Essentially, these allow you to create more advanced websites with better technology, thereby improving their look and storytelling performance.

Benefits of Parallax Design

When done correctly, parallax design will create a memorable site that is highly attractive and interactive.  When done poorly, parallax design can come off confusing and gimmicky.  Still, the benefits of parallax design make it a tempting try for web designers:

  • Parallax design wows your viewers and creates the “oh, that's pretty cool” effect
  • Animation and movement is more eye-catching and less boring
  • Viewers scroll through the entire page because of they want to see how the rest looks, thereby keeping them engaged longer
  • Your Call to Action can be more prominent because it is in motion and thus, more noticeable
  • Your website simply looks more impressive, authoritative and up to date, thereby giving you instant credibility with the viewer

Downside to Parallax Design

While we did mention that when done poorly, parallax design has some serious drawbacks, but unfortunately, there are a few more that are unavoidable, even when parallax is done correctly.  The main issue here is that parallax sites have one long, scrollable home page that has tons of moving parts.  As you can probably already guess, this means slow loading times, something many consumers would rather just click away from rather than wait for the site to load.

This also means that viewers who just want their information “above the fold” are more likely to leave the site, simply because they don't want to scroll.  They see the long loading time, nothing popping up on the page and simply click back to the SERP.   There are a few other problems as well:

  • Your SEO score goes down because your single-page website only has on URL, on h1 tag and one set of meta data
  • Since you also have less copy and more pictures and graphics, your keyword scores go down as well, another vital blow to your SEO
  • Parallax design is not responsive and can't be optimized for mobile phones, meaning only laptops and desktops can properly view the site as intended—mobile devices such as phones and tablets will experience a different view on the site
  • You can't internal link on the site, which some people like since it simplifies the contact information, but this is bad for SEO and allows limited information to be put forth

How to Get the Most Out of Your Parallax Design Site

With that said, there are some things that you can do to minimize the downsides of parallax design and reap more of the benefits such as increased engagement and heightened sense of awe with the brand:

  • KISS – keep it simple stupid.  The more complicated you make the site, the more trouble you are going to run into with parallax design
  • Parallax design sites work best when you are telling a story, mainly using visuals instead of long copy (short phrases and descriptions are fine)
  • The more fun and cool it looks, the more effective it is
  • Don't forget your calls to action as they need to be prominent throughout (since people might scroll by them)

This guest article is written by Dan Mill from LiveCity.com. If you’re looking to create a website for free for your small and medium sized business, don’t forget to get in touch with him to land the best deal.

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Microsoft-Dynamics-CRMThe CRM market is changing fast and the method for delivery. Expectations for growth are that over 50% of all CRM solutions will be deployed in the cloud.

This trend is definitely reflective of the way people now work, especially sales teams. In many companies, sales and marketing teams meet face-to-face less and less but the need to be more connected to each other is more apparent now than ever.

Microsoft CRM 2015 is the first release that attempts to bridge the gap between sales and marketing, removing the need for marketers to use many disparate systems and allowing the sales executives to really engage with the marketing process.

So what are the top 5 benefits of CRM 2015 from a sales and marketing perspective?

  1. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing - The 2015 update of Dynamics Marketing helps organisations streamline campaign creation and improve segmentation with graphical email editing, A/B and split testing, integrated offers and approval workflows. Sending bulk emails campaigns and monitoring their progress directly in CRM has never been easier.
  2. Enhance Mobile Sales - Ever been in a meeting and wanted to add details directly into CRM with your mobile device because you didn’t have access to a wireless network? CRM 2015 will allow users to create drafts offline and update this data back into your CRM when you get back online.


  1. Enhanced Business Processes and Rules - Ever wanted to build branching logic into the current Business processes or Rules? CRM 2015 will allow branching rules (IF Then Else) and combine multiple conditions in one rule. The possibilities are endless for truly guided sales processes!


  1.  Sales Hierarchies - personally one of my favourite! The ability to visualise a company in terms of parent child relationship and the overall revenues. Quickly interact with key members of your team who are working on related accounts. In time we hope this hierarchy visualisation will expand to other records in CRM, especially custom!


  1. Search - CRM 2015 will allow cross record searching. This type of search functionality is long overdue. Checking to ensure a lead isn’t already entered as an account, opportunity, contact etc. is a one click process!


To find out more about CRM 2015 download the Microsoft Preview guide from the Advantage website: Click here

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Tech-Tools-Innovative-LearningIn today’s technology world, more and more advanced technologies are enabling the students to boost their academic performance. Innovative tech tools are turning students proactive to learn things that are not feasible with traditional classroom tools. Now students can connect with their teachers and classmates by using their digital device. Educators and learners can enhance their knowledge on any class topic by utilizing the advanced technology tools. If you are a student and want to boost your academic performance, then you should use the latest tech tools in your study time. Drive through information shared below to enhance your knowledge by innovative technologies.

  1. Padlet

The paddle is an innovative technology tool that is providing a virtual wall to students for proactive learning. When students use Padlet in their studies, they can easily share their new creative ideas with their friends and educators. It is seen that very often the student needs a forum to show their inner talent. For this purpose Padlet is the best option, you can easily share any sort of creative material on visual wall. For instance, you can share pictures, audio, videos, and any type of document by using Padlet. Moreover, this superb tool will also enable you to discuss and share your opinion in class activities. The visual wall allows a group learning session so you can post different content in one place. It means that you can ask multiple questions for your teacher and friends to solve problems that are hard for you to tackle individually. Therefore, use this e-learning tool to stay connected and exchange knowledge with others.

  1. Newsela

Like Padlet, Newsela is also a free online app that facilitates the students and teachers in classroom activities. Its powerful features enable the students to study in an effective manner. Newsela allows the students making the reading process clear. With its great features, you can split and read information in four levels. Every level has a different vocabulary and sentence structure to boost every level student’s knowledge. This app consists of a BINDER tab that enables educators and students to assess their class performance. By pressing the Binder option, you can track new class projects with their deadline. Assigners can also track and evaluate students’ performance by using this tech tool.

  1. Google Glass

Today students are wearing Google glass, to learn in an innovative way. Google glass is a wearable technology that enables the students to learn in a digital way just like digital whiteboards. By wearing Google glass, students can easily collaborate with their class teacher and classmates about class activities. Moreover, this innovative tech tools will also facilitate you to backup, ongoing class lecture in internal storage. By wearing Google glass, you can also capture images and videos with a single wink. Therefore buy and wear this powerful tech tool to gather the required information in an innovative way. Educators can also use this powerful wearable technology to maintain a record of every student’s class activity in a new manner.

  1. Ninja Essay

Many academic experts believe that academic writing activity is tough for 75% students. Fortunately Ninja essay assists the students in their all sorts of academic writing activity, especially, need to write a unique essay. If you’re looking forward to an opportunity to write an inspiring essay, then Ninja essay is best for you.  This innovative tool of technology will turn your academic writing activity easy and enjoyable experience for you by developing your writing skills. All of us know that writing projects play a key part in the academic performance of student therefore it should prepare in the best way possible. You should also utilize Ninja Essay on your academic writing project to develop your class projects in an inspiring way. This tech tool would not only enhance your writing skills, but also stands you out from the crowd.

Author bio: FairyAngel is an experienced writer of Essay Writing Help | Speedy Essay UK who enjoys creating content for academic related topic. In the present days, He is writing content on advanced tech tools to assist students learn in an active manner.You can also follow him on Twitter | Google+ | Facebook | LinkedIn

Lotus-NotesLotus Notes has a feature of saving the documents to an encrypted database automatically. This enables the recovery of the items in the event of a system crash or a power outage. Once, the user finishes working on the document, after saving or discarding the document is removed from the database.

The work that is done after hours is lost due to the machine freezing all of a sudden or some other expected turn in events.

In the Autosave enabled Notes document, a timer event is set by the user to a local database. Therefore, in the event of a computer crash, the feature can recover lost lotus notes files.

The Autosave Design Features

The application design for Notes itself must have Autosave enabled with some design features like:

  • Autosave needs to be secure, so that no user information has the unencrypted status
  • Turning off and on the Autosave, as a part of the Administrator policy
  • Autosave has to be fast and able to avoid any extra server activity
  • If the Notes client fails due to some reason, recovery of the saved documents is must
  • The Autosave of documents must work at specified intervals, as stated by the user

Autosave Enabled on Client

Installation of Notes 7.0 does not have the Autosave option enabled by default. The reasons may be the user does not have enough knowledge on the Autosave but also the Autosave option is a time consuming activity on a slower machine. The User Preference Dialog is used for the activation of the Autosave.

The enable/disable is done through a checkbox and a field is used for the entry of the time interval. The interval is in the range of 1 min to 999 minutes.

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