By launching its own smartphone names Smart Speed 6, Vodafone has made a new entry to the smartphone market. The all techie 4G compatible smartphone is creating huge waves amongst its competitors.

Vodafone has launched the new Smart Speed 6 for its UK based customers. This ‘pay as you go’ phone is available in the markets for as less as £50 making it a budget phone. The phone is available only to Vodafone customers. The device could be paired up with Big Bundle packs starting from £10.

The phone could be ordered online from the operator’s website and is available in two shades namely Anthracite and Aluminium Silver. The phone belongs to the budget category making it one of its types in its category offering the best specifications available in the market.

With a 4.5”, 854 x 480 pixels display screen, 5MP back camera and 2MP front camera, the phone weighs 146 g. The Vodafone Smart Speed 6 operates on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS and hence it is the latest available OS in the market making the phone compatible with the 4G networks. Though there is nothing much said about if the phone will upgradable to the next operating system Marshmallow. The device has a MediaTek Quad-core processor of 1GHz with 8GB ROM and 1GB internal RAM. It comes with a microSD slot where an external microSD upto 32 GB is supported. The supports a micro SIM but if the user has a Nano SIM or a normal SIM, a micro SIM is easily available at the Vodafone stores.

With such brilliant specs for a budget as low as £50, the phone is an amazing choice for a basic phone. (To know more about Vodafone’s Smart Speed 6 contact the Vodafone Customer Care number, 0844 324 0477). Even with such low budget Smart Speed 6 comes second to EE’s Rook that is available for £49 in the market.

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Offer-One-Gigabit-Service-4G-NetworkEE has been ruling the UK markets for quite some time now. Taking a step further towards innovation and upgrade of the on-going technology, EE ensures to provide best and uninterrupted services to its customers. EE has recently announced to offer One Gigabit per second service on its 4G network, making it the first network to take this leap.

EE has been experimenting with various techniques to increase the data speed. As per the EE spokesperson, once the 1 Gbit/s speed comes into existence it will be about six times faster than the current data speed of 150 Mbit/s. This overall will help to double up the speed of the current 4G network. (To know more about the plans contact the EE Customer Care number, 0844 324 0510)

Recently the company has carried out trials to increase the data speed to 400 Mbit/s, giving the users a better internet experience. The trials were based on the technologies like carrier aggregation and MIMO. Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) is also known as the ‘smart antenna’ technology for boosting the capacity of the carrier by adding the antennas on both, the transmitter and the receiver devices.

With the 1Gbit/s service EE wishes to cover the isolated parts of the country. This could be seen as a serious threat to the fixed-line service providers. But as per the EE spokesperson, they do not want to compete with the fixed lines but want to reach where the fixed-lines are yet not established or the regions that the fixed-line providers tend to ignore. With the 1 Gbit/s service EE wants to build the communication bridge between the isolated areas and the densely populated regions of the UK.

For the previous trials of boosting the data speed to 400 Mbit/s, EE aggregated three carriers, also known as the ‘tri-band carrier aggregation’ for the 4G service. The ‘tri-band carrier aggregation’ can be commercially rolled out by the company in the next year. For 1Gbit/s while the company refuses to give any certain dates or even a tentative idea, it does says that they are willing to launch 1Gbit/s speed for 4G services commercially before the 5G network overtakes the markets in 2020. 

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Security-Finance-WebsitesWhen you use finance websites to check your balances, pay monthly bills, make purchases and sales, you need to be aware of how to minimize security threats. To enhance the safety of your financial activities online, make sure that your device is adequately protected from security threats.

Online Protection and Passwords

· Keep your financial transactions safe by installing antispyware software and ensure that your wireless connections are always encrypted. Automated updates are useful for keeping all your software current. Using strong passwords that you are able to remember makes it difficult for other people to guess what they are.

· Longer passwords are more secure than short ones and should be inclusive of different symbols and letters. If there is a password you want to use, check how strong it is and create one that will not be easily found out.

· Your passwords and personal identity information should always be kept private. Avoid sharing sensitive information through emails and messages, especially if you are not sure about the authenticity of the recipient.

· Select original and strong passwords for your bank accounts and any other essential financial data that you need to access. It is risky to use the same password all the time because if it is stolen, all the data that is protected by the password can be discovered.


Be careful about clicking on links that appear in e-mails, messages and ads. They can end up taking you to illegitimate sites where you will be at risk of being a victim of online security threats. If you are doubtful about certain links, locate the web address by typing it or using bookmarks.


Before providing information to a finance website, make sure that it uses encryption. Encryption refers to a security feature that is used for protecting information as it is passed through the internet. Encryption is indicated by signs such as https and a lock icon on the side.


You also need to ensure that you are visiting the right website before entering any personal information. Some companies opt to include seals that serve as proof of security and legitimacy. You can further verify the authenticity of seals of approval by clicking on them to ensure that they are directly linked to the company.

Avoid Public Computers

Avoid handling important financial transactions such as bills, business and banking on public computers. Shared computers typically use a public wireless network that does not guarantee security. It is safer to carry out your financial transactions on a secure wireless network that you can trust.


To further defend your online transactions against fraudulent activities, be alert and avoid scams. Unrealistic deals, bank alerts that threaten to close down your account or lottery notices are among the scams that you need to be on the lookout for.

Such messages are designed to make you visit sites where cyber criminals will be able to gain access to your financial information. If you are ever doubtful about messages or emails, get in touch with the organization. When you know how to protect yourself online you can use finance websites with confidence.

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Microsoft-Dynamics-NAV-2016-PreviewIt doesn’t seem that long ago when we were gearing up for the release of Dynamics NAV 2015 and getting to grips with all the extra goodies that were being introduced. Fast forward a year (how time flies when you’re having fun) and here we are all getting excited about the many great new features that are planned for the Dynamics NAV 2016 release, due to be available very soon.

Add all these great new features on top of what we already have in NAV 2015 and you can see we have a very compelling ERP solution that will suit businesses of all shapes and sizes that can deliver a real return to your business. Dynamics NAV 2016 sees a continued commitment to delivering NAV in the cloud, with an improved Office 365 and Azure experience along with NAV 2016 working natively with Dynamics CRM online.

Its top new features include:

1.     Improved Office 365 integration; NAV now works with Power BI so it is possible to effortlessly interrogate NAV data.

2.     Deployment on Azure SQL Server, resulting in a better Azure experience.

3.     Enhanced desktop, web, tablet and now phone client will extend the reach of NAV to even more users, releasing people from their desks and allowing secure visibility of critical data anywhere and at any time across multiple devices.

4.     Works natively with CRM Online for integrated cradle to grave customer engagement.

5.     e-Everything functionality offering electronic invoicing, OCR and the ability of third parties to add in their own data sources.

6.     Powerful workflow features enabling process automation which can be extended to incorporate specific business events.

7.     New financial functionalities like posting preview, deferrals and Positive Pay (for US).

8.     Improved engineering - a test automation suite will now be available to partners with releases every year and updates monthly.

Whether you are currently running an old version of NAV and considering an upgrade or looking for a new solution to take your business to the next level, NAV 2016 will have available all the tools to make a real difference.

For more information visit: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016  call 0203 004 4600 or visit: http://www.advantage.co.uk.

un-box-your-new-iPhoneWith the growing technological front, every day we come across new devices and gadgets to buy. We save all our money and pocket to prepare to buy the most expensive gaming console or new smart phone models. We all get really excited and happy whenever we buy a new smart phone. The excitement level and expectations double when you buy a new iPhone, more so with the latest iPhones available in the market. Buying an iPhone and using it is a complete experience on its own, which only Apple users will be able to tell you.

With the introduction of new iPhone 6 and now 6S in the market, we have some of the really interesting features to explore and go through. However, one thing which is absolutely important is the fact that we should prepare for the new iPhone before we actually start using it. This means there are things that one should instantly do the moment they un-box their phone. These things will not only make your iPhone use secure and experience more interesting, but also will give you a lot of new avenues to explore with your phone. Today’s guest post blog will talk about several things one must do the moment they open up that new iPhone.

Creating an Apple Account

If you are a new entrant to the Apple community, then you must know one thing and that is the fact that Apple is really strong with its cross device and platform synchronization. For all this, you will have to have an Apple account. The account which will and can be used not only for Apple iPhone, but all other Apple devices as well. This is what makes Apple so special with its strong device and community synchronization. You must ensure that you give out the right and required information, including your credit card information because it will help you purchase new applications, get subscriptions and avail offers on iTunes.

Learn some usage tips

If you are new to the phone, then understand the fact that there are some simple things you can do. For example, a single touch will open up the app for you and the home button will take you back to the home menu. The new iPhone 6S will also have a 3D touch which means the pressure of your touch will determine the actions.

Setting up your email account

The iPhone has the capacity to integrate all your email accountsin one storage.The Mail app will mean that all your Microsoft, Yahoo, Hotmail and Google will be combined into one manageable display and usage.

Start adding your information and settings

Once you have started the phone, you are free to explore and customize the way you want. Start by first saving all your contact and email information. You can also start to download some basic applications and social networking messengers now that you already have an Apple account. Learn more about what your new phone has to offer and start to get acquainted with the Apple experience.

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