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MBA-ApplicationPursuing an MBA is a valuable venture towards proofreading your career in future. But how much benefit you are able to draw from your MBA experience is based largely on the level of preparation and of learning that you have accumulated within you before coming to an MBA program.

However, there are few things that could be the cause of concern while the business schools assess your grades and class test-scores. The Ad Coms will evaluate your educational background and your test results to judge whether you possess the required intellect, etiquette and the spree to perform well for their institution. Those red flags from your past educational background that are potential enough to deprive you of your dream MBA program are:

  • Less growing GPA or GPA in major
  • Under-performance in mathematics, business-oriented education, and/or communication and writing courses
  • Below GMAT score than the school’s medium standard
  • Bad TOEFL score
  • Bachelor’s Degree of 3-Year
  • Belonging to an academy with disputed status

Now let’s have a concise analysis of the above-stated flaws in educational background.

Less growing GPA or GPA in major

Your overall GPA and GPA in your major are vital as they provide important signals of your academic ability, restraint, and outlook toward school learning. A GPA below a 3.25 raises a major concern, at least for those highly selective programs.

Under-performance in mathematics, business-oriented education, and/or communication and writing courses

Along with your overall performance, the grade of C or even lower in any particular class is also registered under the red flag. The admission committee will assess cautiously your performance in quantitative courses such as Calculus and Statistics, chief business courses such as finance and accounting, and business-related courses such as economics. An MBA program requires excellent written and verbal communication skills and therefore communication course, such as writing and public speaking will also be examined carefully.

Below GMAT score than the school’s medium standard

A GMAT or GRE score below the medium standard is of concern. Similarly the verbal and quantitative scores below the percentage of 80, particularly for the best programs.

Bad TOEFL score

You are required to take the TOEFL exam if English is not your first language and you have not studied in a university where English is the first language. As with the GMAT, you need to score above the median to meet the B-school’s standard median scores for the TOEFL.

Bachelor’s Degree of 3-Year

A major red flag will rise for those candidates who hold a bachelor's degree of 3 years. This will make you disqualified to apply to some of the MBA programs in US. Even programs that formally accept applicants with a degree in 3 years may consider you less viable than candidates with a bachelor of 4-year.

Belonging to an academy with disputed status

Your good score in GPA cannot save you if your previous school does not have a concrete repute within the academic circle. If you belong to a “party school” in US or your program is something that very few people have heard of, it is advisable to take further steps to strengthen your academic profile.

Now the question arises what the possible way out is in order to enhance the chance to earning an MBA acceptance letter. For remedies on how to fill the gaps in your GPA and test results, the easiest way is by adding further college or even postgraduate-level course. Secondly, everyone enjoys a high GMAT score, but you will be benefited even more by the standardized test scores to fight against low GPA.

Low GPA and class test scores are the troubles for most management and business students. A good score in class assignments can take many steps ahead in getting into your dream B-school.

Author-Bio: Lisa Rose is a management and business academic and consultant in UK. She is also an occasional contributor and author of some recognized assignment writing service for MBA. Her writings and academic tips are quite popular among business students. 

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Web-Application-DevelopmentWeb application development is a challenging job that one needs to be super conscious with each and every phase to follow correct rules, language, coding and framework. With development of millions of applications for web, mobile or desktop, web developers have come across so many challenges that they keep resolving to bring an ultimate flawless product.

 While working on responsive web design and different applications such as CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, PHP, .NET or others, web developers face some of the following mentioned challenges and get them resolved with these wonder solutions.

Mobile Application Development Challenges

  1. Static Design Phase

Making a responsive design takes a web developer to make changes in old design. Therefore, designers work on sketches, wire framing, HTML and CSS prototypes instead of creating static screenshots. Now they design in the browser than working on Fireworks/Photoshop.

  1. Navigation

Navigation on a website is designed horizontal along the top of the page, or down the left of a page. But navigation reflects a websites layout therefore it should be based on a website’s information architecture to let readers easily understand how it works.

  1. Images

Use and design of images for a responsive website is a careful consideration therefore, without challenging web designers, it must offer high density and should be flexible as code and icons. Images should not be blurry and for that designer may apply codes to make them high resolution defined images.

  1. Tables

Data tables are problematic to manage complex information and a large number of rows and columns. So the challenge for web developers is to squeeze this information in a small screen.

  1. Users of old IE

The other challenge for responsive design is to work with old version of Internet Explorer that includes lack of support for CSS media queries that disables a layout to display properly. Therefore, web developers need to consider older versions of Internet Explorer 8 to plan a website for mobile.

  1. Time and Cost Testing

For testing a responsive website, the issue is how to test it on different types of devices to know issues. The other challenge is testing time that is managed by better prototyping, and designing a responsive website in browser.

Web and Desktop Application Development Challenges

  1. Usability

Developers are so overloaded with designing a website that they usually ignore usability. Therefore, during designing or developing phase users must test a website in real world and let developers inform for any changes.

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is important to make website usable for a larger audience therefore, people must be allowed to set font or color scheme as they like and adding navigation for their easy understanding.

  1. Cross-Browser Compatibility

A website is developed to work on all browsers as well as versions. Therefore, all transitions are produced in HTML5 and then tested to be usable in all browsers.

  1. Site Speed

A website should load in 2 seconds and if takes longer than 3 seconds, users tend to leave the site. So external style sheets and JavaScript files should be used and images should be optimized for website.

Software development for both mobile and desktop requires to fulfill these challenges faced by web developers. Also the companies like eTek Studio, providing software development Services Dubai consider many of such challenges to come up with a final but usable product.

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Data-AnalysisThe procedure that is adopted to interpret relationships, trends, patterns, etc. within any collected information is called Data Analysis. For the information to be analyzed well in terms of establishing the relativity, it may need to be subjected to statistical reasoning to understand the relationships that exist or seem to exist between the different variables, and to what extent these relationships hold true. 

Frequent comparisons of information are done with data from other groups, which can include a control group, to derive conclusions from the accumulated data. This evaluation is mostly done to make better sense of the overall concept, through a detailed appraisal, so that the work done can be understood with much more clarity.

Types of Data

All data that is collected for analysis can be segregated into two clear categories—qualitative and quantitative, although both kinds of data may not be required for every evaluation.

The data that can be converted to numbers or statistics, is called quantitative data. On the other hand, data that is collected as stories, life experiences, personal anecdotes, quotes, opinions, or something that cannot sensibly be reduced to statistics or numbers is called qualitative data. Both data sets, qualitative and quantitative, have to be understood and analyzed differently.

Quantitative Data includes “hard” data that is expressed in numbers, can be quantified and statistically manipulated. This includes data like, average number of times an event occurs in a specified time period (month, year, and decade), etc.

Qualitative data on the other hand, is “soft” data and is mostly relative and non reducible to definite numbers. This turns out to be both a strength and a weakness. It is more concerned with the qualities of the subject. The joy of a student on seeing her test paper grade, the softness of a cloth, the smell of a perfume, the level of poverty in a community–these are all examples of qualitative data, that is, they are observable, but not quantifiable.

Qualitative data through data collection and analysis can help you understand the data better, whether the applied methods are working, and figure out emerging patterns in behavioural, physical and social scenarios.  Events, circumstances, environmental factors, etc. all refer to insights into how participants feel about the issue being addressed, the difficulties and advantages they go through, and whether anything needs to be done to change or improve what is being done.

Impetus Research—a one of a kind market research company—helps you to understand and evaluate actions during collection and analysis of data, and thus continuously improve your data analysis techniques. Read more about data collection and analysis techniques online at Impetus Research.

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Attack-Wall-Street-TitanThe quality of gaming apps in Google Play is certainly on the rise. With games such as WWE Immortals, the Walking Dead and Brothers in Arm stealing the show, there have been a number of incredibly impressive and amusing games that have gone unnoticed.

These underrated games are hardly ever advertised, promoted or even mentioned within the mobile gaming community. Nonetheless, downloading them is something that most Android users will not regret. It’s kind of like stumbling upon amazing unknown offers at VoucherBin.

So without further ado, it’s time to list the 3 of the most criminally underrated Android games that you should really try out.

1) Attack of the Wall Street Titan

The name of this Android game would appeal a lot of the 90s kids. The graphics too are quite reminiscent of the times when we played House of the Dead and Doom on the oversized CRT monitors. As far as the storyline of the game goes, it focuses on the big players of the Wall Street and a giant robot that is hell bent on destructing them. The fun part is that you get to control the robot and wreck havoc on the filthy rich Wall Street guys, along with crooked cops and corrupt military officials. It’s a cheesy game, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is extremely enjoyable.

2) Cardinal Quest

Once again, this isn’t one of those over the top games with stunning visuals. It’s quite old school and bears a slight resemblance to the good old SNES. It is basically a dungeon crawler RPG. The controls are simple and the tasks are not that complicated. So why play this game?  It’s because this will take you straight back to your days of childhood. If this game doesn’t make you nostalgic, then nothing will. It’s a lot of fun to play and is perfect for passing time during a boring weekend. Since it’s an old school RPG, it may not please everybody. Hence it has the underrated tag.


Even if you aren’t a fan of puzzle games, you will still find this one quite entertaining. All you have to do in the game is a move a bunch of shapes around to reach the end of a puzzle. It’s nothing complicated, but it is surely challenging. The traps, the climbing of the walls and the triggering of events are sure to give you a tough time. With that being said, its impeccable simplicity is what sets it apart from the rest. As far as the visuals are concerned, there is nothing fancy involved, but they are surely an upgrade from the two other games in this list. It’s a game that is definitely worth the download and your time, unless you are horrible with shapes.

Given how people are always on the go nowadays, it’s difficult to sit down and spend some quality time with your precious PlayStation or Xbox. Mobile games are therefore a decent alternative. If you are looking for a new phone that is conducive for gaming, then check out the deals on new cell phones VoucherBin UK Stores.

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