Google-Cast-EducatioRecently, Google launched an array of VR enabled applications and other different products aimed at enhancing the instructional experience in classrooms. Currently, Google Classroom has over 10 million users who are using it actively. The whole technology is deployed extensively in the United States and is getting popular as well.

However, Google did not stop here as it went on to extend its range of products to multiply the effect to make education a fun learning experience. Google came up with ‘Expedition Applications’ that utilize the concept of virtual reality to help students in having an outstanding experience while learning. It has been estimated that they are going to improve the way students learn.

 Recently, it unveiled various tools for teachers such as expedition applications and Google cast at the ISTE conference. In September 2015, Google released the beta version of Expeditions program to check whether the implementation of the Virtual Reality technology will turn out to be a strong output. Till now, only a few schools and institutions have managed to use this VR-enabled technology, but soon it is expected to proliferate.


Needless to say, things have taken a turn for the betterment of children’s way of learning as Google has released the Expedition Applications on the Google play store for free. Moreover, it has also provided end-users with over two hundred Expeditions Applications. According to Ben Schrom, Google thought of creating these applications that imbibe VR technologies. It is observed that field trips and chemistry laboratories could not scale the knowledge-base as much as expected.

However, VR-enabled Expeditions Applications lets students feel the external environment through the usage of these products. Each and every Expedition is a bunch of virtual reality scenes that are associated with sites and facts for the teachers.

At the same time, students get an opportunity to have a highly engaging learning. Google also revealed their plan to continue the process of developing more expeditions by partnering with others like Getty Images, Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Associated Press.

There is an important piece of information revealed by Google that these expeditions are not available on Apple play store. Meaning, the Expedition Application will remain exclusive for the schools.

Best Buy Education has also thought of implementing the same idea of developing Expeditions Kits and plans to sell them to the institutions and schools, including a router, a tablet, and the VR headsets.

Google Cast for Education

Interestingly, Google launched this new application called Google Cast for Education, and it works with the Google Classroom service to manage video and audio across different schools. It operates on the teacher’s device which means there is no need of having additional hardware devices.

Both educators and students are allowed to share their screens by using the feature called Cast in the Google Chrome browser. In schools, three applications have attracted students and teachers to a considerable degree, and they are offered at discounted rates to schools and institutions in a combined package. The entire package consists of a highly interactive whiteboard called Explain Everything, video project tool called WeVideo, and music podcast creator called Soundtrap.

Google Forms’ new feature called quizzes

Google Education has recently unveiled its new feature called quizzes in Google Forms, and it allows end users or teachers to create quizzes that are graded automatically by Google Forms. It comes with a distinctive responsive quality to render immediate feedback to students, allowing teachers to add videos and feedback samples.

These features are there to help students in revising fundamental concepts on a time to time basis. Also, it enables educators to perceive the overall performance of a class, and they can follow some crucial insights along with the frequently asked questions from chapters that students need to review.

Google is certainly playing a huge role in transforming the classroom learning experience by implementing VR enabled technologies. Certainly, Expeditions, Google Cast for education, and the New Quiz feature in Google Forms help teachers in imparting a distinctive learning experience to the students.

In fact, these VR enabled applications have taken learning activities to a whole new different by allowing students to visualize things in a concrete manner.

Here is the video that explains how Google Cast enhances the learning experience of students.

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Get-People-Read-content-re-tweetIt is a great honor as a blogger, when your content will re-tweet again over the time. The reason is that it will make your presence on the internet more pleasurable as well. Since, some productive ways have to be taken by you for re-tweeting the content. Actually, what happens is that, your positive attitude towards the content development will be more effective and you will able to produce the quality content as well. One thing is sure that your audiences are the prime broadcasters of your works. Therefore, you have to comply their expectations through your content. 


It is a vital issue for you. The reason is that it will create a better atmosphere for your content. Actually, the quality of the content depends on the various factors like information, idea, Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO), platform and others. However, one thing has a similarity, which is that there should be coordination between these factors. Otherwise, it will never be a successful one. Actually, quality is the surveillance point of the performance. Therefore, the content should integrate all its features tightly as well. It is true that when quality shines, then the content will get its exposure more. It is observed that from ideation to completion, whole process of content development should maintain the quality and it should indicate its power in the market as well. 


You should keep in your mind that the content should be informative. Otherwise, it will never able to attract the attention of the audiences. Honestly speaking, the blogger should toil hard for gathering the information for the content and make it possible as well. It is seen that when the content is filled with a lot of information, then the audiences increase the footfall on the website. In the content, the information should be added in such a way that the audiences can read it again and again without any doubts. Moreover, it is very much important for the blogger to provide the information in the simplest form. Therefore, the audiences can assimilate it easily. Another point you should ponder that the information should be authentic and genuine as well. 

Friendly tone

One thing you should keep in your mind that your content should be in friendly tone. Otherwise, it will never attract the huge footfall in your website. For making the friendly tone in the content, you have to make the ideation process smoother first. After that, you content will begin to take the shape as well. You would able to make the friendly content when your idea is clear and transparent which is free from any doubt as well. Once you complete your ideation process, then you will able to complete it fully without any fuss. You should keep your sentence structuring and the conversational tone should be visible in the content. 

SEO friendly

If the content is SEO friendly, then it will reach out to the audiences in the quick succession as well. The reason is that the black hat SEO will never create its credibility in the search engine. Therefore, the white hat SEO is suitable for the content, which will make it more SEO friendly. The blogger should keep in his or her mind that the patience is the key for the content development. In this regard, the blogger should never lose its focus as well. When the content is making, then you should keep your eyes open for the better placement of keyword, sentence structuring, web technology and other SEO related features. Actually, 


There are many content platforms available in the world today. Nevertheless, you have to ascertain which platform will be used for your content. Therefore, the platform selection for the content will require the better understanding of the platform functions and its features also. Generally, it is observed that the content should be used in the popular platform, which ultimately gives the maximum exposure in the internet, and the audiences will like to taste its flavor as well. 


You should feel that the content should have usability. If it has usability feature, then it will gracefully exist in the internet as well. It is the vital point you think about it for the betterment of the content as well. Actually, the audiences should get the benefits from it. It is seen that the content should maintain the usability feature throughout its lifespan, which means that it can stay longer in the internet. 

Therefore, the people will read your content gracefully and they will re-tweet it as well. 

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Ideas-Contemporary-Living-RoomThe living room is undoubtedly the centerpiece of your home. It is the area that you and your family are most likely to hang out at and where you would invite guests over. That is why a good looking contemporary design can make a huge difference to how you feel in that room of your home.

You will do well to design the living room in such a way that will make you happy and pleased. After all, room design is far more important than things like home cleaning and having the right features. That is why you can have a look at certain ideas, which will hopefully inspire you to implement them and revel in their practicality and stunning creativity. Enjoy!

-          Mix black and grey - everyone knows that having the right colours in the living room is very important. You can set the tone and introduce a classy hint with black and grey colours. The combination works astonishingly well with modern décor and provides a contemporary feel with multiple benefits. For example, these colours are not that demanding in terms of cleaning service, but they do make furniture stand out.

-          Go for a few unexpected features - imagine walking in a contemporary living room that has all things you’d expect to find there … and suddenly glancing at cute anime drawings on the wall. As long as an idea like this is executed properly, and by that we mean quality drawings of appropriate colour and theme, then you will have yourself a wonderful element to draw attention to. Complement that with a pendant light for perfection!

-          Invite an open concept - if you’d like a challenging project with a huge impact, you can implement a see-through fireplace, which the living room would share with the adjacent room next to it. Not only does it provide a sense of openness, but also contributes to a flowing floor plan. It is a bold project, but one that you will definitely love. Don’t forget to select an adequate fireplace model, as you don’t want to have home cleaning trouble!

-          Turn the hearth into a playful focal point - even if you have an electric fireplace, you can turn it into an impactful feature by introducing striped walls. Don’t be alarmed if you feel like the room is of too contemporary character. You can easily fix that by adding a rustic coffee table and wooden floating shelves to balance it out.

-          Live in colour - if you want to feature strong colours in your living room, that is perfectly fine. However, it is a good idea to then balance them out with neutral blend that ranges from crisp white to silvery grey or even creamy beige. When you do upholstery cleaning it may demand more effort, but at least you will have an elevated contemporary design.

-          Add up on earth tones - it is highly likely that you have heard about the power of coffee, white, beige and brown all mixed together to create a stunning contemporary display. It is synergy at its finest, which you should keep on your home clean list if you want it to reveal its beauty.

Take your time in designing a modern living room and you will have yourself a perfect place to relax in. It will pay off greatly!

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Most of the clients would want you to make their software product demo as much interesting as possible. Irrespective of whether the product demo is delivered online or in-person, it is considered to be a very powerful tool by the sales people as it helps them to showcase what the brand is trying to sell and how they can bring significance to such products among the prospects. However at times a product demo might leave a bad impression among the clients if it is not presented in the right manner since prospects never expect you to make them confused and instead would wish you to give them a clear picture about what they could expect from your product.     

Bother about your audience, not yourself

It is a necessity that you should focus more on your audience since you would not be able to satisfy the audience requirements and thus may end up losing a deal if you forget the key points because of being nervous while you come across your audience. You would not be even able to maintain a productive conversation since the audience would be able to identify the lack of confidence in you while you are trying to convince your prospects.    

Ensure the opening is perfect

If you are looking forward to make a product demo interesting, then it is inevitable for you to draw the attention of audience by opening up the demo with a question or by explaining a success story that has much in common with what your prospects might be in need for. However you should ensure that the opening you give for your product demo should be relevant to the unique needs and requirements of the audience.  

Listen more than talk

It is always desirable to listen and then explain. Product demo offers an opportunity for you to learn also in addition to giving you an opportunity to simply lead the demo. You should pause often so as to give your prospects a chance to speak. This is the only way you can ensure your prospects that you are listening to their opinions similar to talking while explaining the product demo. Thus sufficient pause while explaining the product demo makes the demo more conversational with prospects having the ability to ask questions as well as give feedbacks if any.  

Ask Questions to the Prospects

Similar to giving a pause while explaining during the product demo presentation for the prospects so that they could ask questions to you, you could ask questions in return to your prospects so as to keep them engaged during the entire period of product demo presentation.   

Understand your Product clearly

Whenever the prospects agree for a product demo presentation from you, you should clearly understand that they would research about your product for sure including your competitors on the web and thereby having a very good idea of what they require. Therefore they would be asking you specific questions and also detailed questions as well as technical questions and would look for answers that they were not able to research through the web. The answers would be very much expected by you and if you fail to answer those questions, then they might look for other competitors who can present a better product demo presentation than you. This is because as a product expert, they would expect you to know your product clearly and how your product would solve their problems. They would assume that you yourself does not know your product if you fail to answer the questions asked by them.  

Don’t keep hands on the keyboard while answering questions from Prospects

If you are making use of a computer or a laptop during the product demo presentation, ensure that you avoid keeping hands in the keyboard and then speak as it might distract the prospects while they are asking questions to you expecting your answers. Your gestures could matter a lot in impressing your prospects.

Avoid any criticisms of the product while showing the product demo

There are often instances during which you might face any lag time while explaining the product demo. Criticising the product should be avoided as it might leave a bad impression among the prospects. Instead you should be able to keep some screenshots during such worst-case scenario and thus the prospects would be able to understand what you wish to show them.

Show how the products solve their unique problems

The prospects cannot be kept engaged unless and until you show them how your product is going to benefit them in their day today lives. You should focus on the key decision makers on the room who are listening to your product demo and you should ensure that their needs are met efficiently.    

Make use of customer testimonials and references

Customer testimonials and references will give more credibility for your product especially among the prospects as they would be able to view or hear about how your product solved the problems that the previous customers faced earlier. It is better to ask team members to build a collection of such testimonials or reviews that are worth sharing through the product demo.  

Relaxation prior to product demo

It is desirable that you relax for atleast for some days prior to giving the speech on the product demo and you should avoid any sort of writing or restructuring mode right up to the presentation of product demo. It is essential in making you more relaxed with improved confidence while taking the presentation about the product demo in front of your prospects.

Closing the product demo

Closing is an important aspect when it comes to the end of product demo presentation. It is the last opportunity in a product demo to convince the prospects that your product is worth for them to consider. You can end it by including a call-to-action. It is always desirable to end your product demo presentation on a positive forecast as it could make the prospects optimistic about your product demo and could also enhance the trust they will have about the product from your brand.

Author Bio: - This article is written by William Hills. He is a professional technical writer with an experience of more than 5 years. His has written a variety of contents in past and now writing on social media, search engine marketing, salesforce implementation partners and many more topics.

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Convert-Exchange-EDB-file-PST-formatConsider the following scenario:

I am having a bulk data in my Exchange EDB File but due to some issue it got corrupted and now when I try to access my file it shows an error message. Therefore, now I want to extract data from corrupted EDB file in such a way that I would be able to access data in Outlook. Can anyone suggest me any suggestion to Convert Exchange EDB file to PST Format and recover data from it?

The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to convert EDB file to PST file format, which will recover entire data of corrupted EDB file and save into PST file format. After recovering data into PST, you will easily be able to access your data in Microsoft Outlook. In this article, you will find all the possible measures to perform such conversion.

Ways To Perform Exchange EDB file to PST Conversion

There exist following three ways by which one can convert files of Exchange into PST files:

1.    Using ExMerge utility

2.    Using Exchange PowerShell commands

3.    Using Different Converter Applications

Solution 1: Conversion using ExMerge Utility

Microsoft Exchange comprised of an inbuilt tool name as ExMerge, which was designed to convert a mailbox from Exchange to PST file.

(a)  Download, install, and configure you machine with ExMerge utility.

(b)  Launch this utility on machine and then log-in into your Exchange Server.

(c)  A Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge window will appear. On this window, Click on Next to continue

(d)  Out of two options appearing on Procedure Selection screen, select Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure) option, and click on Next

(e)  Since we have to convert Exchange EDB file to PST, therefore, select Extract data from an Exchange Server Mailbox option & click Next to continue

(f)  Now Data Selection Criteria window will appear in front of you. From the topmost tabs of this windows, click on Import Procedure tab and then select Archive data to target store option

(g)  Click on OK button to continue

(h)  From the same window, select Message Details tab and fill all the information that are mandatory for conversion. After entering all the fields of this tab, click on OK button to continue

(i)   A wizard will be displayed in front of you in which you will find a list of mailboxes available on the particular server. Now, highlight the mailbox on which you want to perform conversion and then click on Next

(j)   Click on Change Folder button for defining the location where you want to archive the PST file. After defining the path, click on Next to start the process

(k)  Now a Process Status screen will appear, which will illustrate you with live report of the conversion. When Operation completed successfully message appears in front of you, click on Finish button

Limitations of ExMerge Utility

· One of the major limitation of this utility is that it is only supported by few versions of Exchange i.e. 5.5, 2000, and 2003

· This type of conversion convert whole mailbox instead of converting a particular data file from mailbox. The conversion using this inbuilt tool is lengthy, tedious, and time consuming procedure.

Solution 2: Conversion using Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Microsoft developers have replaced ExMerge utility tool with EMS cmdlets i.e.

Ø  Export-Mailbox

Ø  Import-Mailbox

Here, we will learn about Export-Mailbox cmdlet that is designed for extracting selected data files from mailbox into PST. The structure of this cmdlet is given below:

Moreover, if the EDB files are corrupted, then users either can search and remove those corrupted files or can use Export-Mailbox command for removing that file.

Limitations of Using EMS Cmdlets

Ø  While functioning with Exchange Management Shell, if all the conversion permissions are not enabled or are improperly configured, then users will come across many error messages while performing conversion.

Ø  Instead of repairing or recovering data from corrupted EDB files, the procedure will delete the damaged file that result in data loss while conversion.

Ø  The procedure is useful only for the users who are having brief knowledge about Exchange. When talking about normal user (having no knowledge about Exchange), the same procedure becomes complex for such users.

Solution 3: Conversion Using Converter to convert Exchange EDB file to PST

To overcome the limitations of above-mentioned conversion procedures, the best way is to perform a safeguard conversion using different converter applications that are available in web market. One such converter is EDB to Outlook Converter, which convert complete data of EDB files to PST file without any trouble. The exciting characteristic of this product is that it supports and extract, converts the corrupted, password protected, and encrypted EDB files to PST. Moreover, it has many useful features embedded with it, which can be easily accessible by universal computer users and does not require any knowledge of Exchange for conversion.


The One stop solution to convert Exchange EDB file to PST is to go for a converter i.e. EDB to PST Converter software. Well talking about using ExMerge utility tool, the major issue with this solution is that it is only applicable for limited Exchange versions. If we discuss about EMS cmdlets, then the problem is that it deletes the corrupted EDB file instead of repairing it. Therefore, one can wind up with the fact that the best approach is to use EDB to PST Converter for experiencing a flawless conversion without any data loss.