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Long-Term-Benefits-Video-GamingVideo Games are often plagued with bad publicity for all kinds of reasons, from crime to health issues. The overall benefits of immersing yourself in a virtual world have been destabilised by the general public’s views on how video games can have potentially devastating effects on someone’s lifestyle, attitude and wellbeing. We thought it would be a good idea to try and identify some of the obvious benefits of video games to try and overshadow some of the other issues often debated about in the press. So here are some reasons why video games might actually be good for you in the long run.

The first argument that many younger people make when it comes to debating the physiological benefits of video gaming usually relates to the old hand-eye coordination improvements. Experts have actually looked to support this well-used argument and some have even gone as far as to promote the regular playing of video games to aid the general development of hand-eye coordination for certain sports and everyday activities. There are also believed to be many other skills enhanced by regularly sitting in front of the TV screen, although it’s important to remember that exercise away from the console is just as important.

Thanks to the ways in which online gaming has thrived, we have witnessed the sudden explosion of a whole new community and environment that has led to all kinds of benefits relating to the enhancement of social and team building skills. There’s no doubt that having such a wide open, ultimately unregulated environment to play games in will have its downside, but it’s difficult to ignore the benefits associated with creating online relationships and being able to play games with your fellow gaming enthusiasts. Some Video Gamers are often subjected to a restricted lifestyle in the real world, whether it’s feeling lonely at school or struggling to communicate on a similar level to others in their age group. Online gaming provides the platform that some individuals need to start communicating with confidence, leading to stronger people skills in the future.

If you’re one of many who feel that video games slow the general progression of a child’s education, there are some who are prepared to contest that opinion. In fact, many experts have already reached the conclusion that video games are capable of improving the academic skills of a child, whether it’s related to their English skills or their ability to work out challenging mathematical problems. Many games gradually become more challenging as you progress, leading to tougher problems to solve and faster attention to detail required. Many video game developers are aware of the importance of aiding the educational phase of a child’s life and therefore look to incorporate academic influences in their games, from problem and puzzle solving to tackling verbal interaction and communication barriers, such as in Lionheads ‘Fable’ or Nintendo’s ‘Zelda’.

Video Games are exceptionally popular amongst younger audiences and children, with weekends often filled with time in front of the computer. Whilst this might seem like something that could have damaging effects on general fitness and well being, there are times where video games are extremely beneficial to younger audiences. One of these situations is in hospitals, hospices and other places where children are ill, vulnerable or who have suffered from injury. Video games are capable of providing a new dimension for children to immerse themselves in, which has been proven to nullify the effects of pain and suffering. Children can forget about the stress and trauma of their everyday lives or subsequent injuries and focus on playing video games to get through the recovery period with ease.

Having the confidence to join in and start communicating more often with other peoples is just the beginning when it comes to computer games enhancing social skills. In fact, video games are even capable of boosting someone’s confidence to discuss real world matters, such as politics, government, history, psychology, science and various other popular topics that are regularly debated and publicised. With video games leaving the days of ‘Pac-Man’ and ‘Tetris’ behind, we are now being encouraged to explore worlds with stunning similarities to what we see every day, each incorporating various aspects of the real world that are widely debated and focused on, from government opinions and attitudes towards society to scientific developments and so on. Children can learn from their experiences in front of the screen to come to well-educated conclusions regarding various aspects of everyday life, forging their own valuable opinions for the future.

Inspiration is something that isn’t promoted enough with regards to video gaming. Whilst some video games are often criticised for their links to serious criminal activities such as murder and violence, there are many who have experienced video games and found hugely positive inspiration from them. Many avid video gamers have gone on to create their own video games or contribute significantly to the video gaming industry in some way, be it through video game development, artistic work, sound management or script writing. Thanks to some of the latest titles in the video gaming world, many people have found inspiration from the general meanings and storylines of some video games. ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ is a game that focuses predominantly on the development of biotechnology and human augmentation technology, a real world issue that is likely to be debated in many years to come. Could games like this provide children with a platform to explore the world of science more seriously?

As you can see, there are many different ways in which video games can potentially have a positive effect on anyone who takes some time out to experience them. With so many different genres available to explore and such a wide range of developers competing for top spot, the next generation of gaming will only continue to grow. Therefore, it’s important for people to realise that there is more to a modern video game than just a simplistic concept and a few pixels on a screen. Who knows, you might be developing your skills more than you could ever imagine from a few hours in front of the computer. Ultimately, it’s something we feel should be embraced.

Mike James is a tech geek based in Sussex, UK. He has a passion for new software and technology and writes about tech issues for Technology Means Business, IT support providers with offices in Hampshire, Essex and Kent.

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Social-Media-Platforms-JobseekersAt the present time, social media platforms are playing a key role in the new job seeking procedure. Multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn enable job seekers to get their desire job. Additionally, with the help of these platforms job seekers can build uncountable resume, cover letter, and train for interviews for free. Moreover, job seekers avail the opportunity to learn more about the company in which they’re interested in to apply for the job. However, if you are also interested in using social media platforms to apply for a new job, you’ll need to read the information shared below.


LinkedIn is the best platform for job seekers, as this site allows job seekers to develop a professional profile in order to connect with thousands of employers. Make sure to build a profile that will hold the attention of the employers and provide clear information about you. Today, most employers are connected with LinkedIn to figure out the employee that will boost up their company performance. It’s mean by having a powerful presence on this site; you can highlight your talent to employers. In addition, this social media platform allows you to engage in job seeking activities by joining job search groups to avail free new jobs updates and to make new connections. Be sure to update your profile with recent pictures, qualification and skills to express them in front of the employers. 


In modern days, Facebook has become a popular social media platform for job seekers. It allows unemployed people to search for companies that are offering jobs to expand their company operations. With the passage of time more and more companies are connecting to Facebook for hiring qualified and experienced people. So you can like and follow companies you are interested in to avail opportunities. You can also use Facebook to find about the performance of any company and the people who work there. As well as you can figure out the person who will give you a call for interview. Keep in mind to make an employer friendly profile by including the things that a potential employer looks for. Add your photos, skills, experience and professional qualification to grab the attention of the employer.


Twitter hasn't just allowed people to connect with their friends and family, but also provides a powerful networking platform for job seekers. You can know the inner stories of companies that you're interested in by networking with them over twitter. Furthermore, you can also learn more about any company activities by connecting to its official Twitter profile. Nowadays, it’s seen that many companies regularly posts jobs on twitter, by following the companies in which you’re interested you can keep an eye on them. While using this platform, you are more likely to get a job in your chosen sectors and even work in the same area. Get connected to the potential employers of the industry in which you are interested with the help of this powerful social media platform. As employers don’t mind when a job seeker contacts them for employment opportunities over Twitter.

Now that you have learned about the relationship between social media and job seekers, utilize these powerful platforms in your life to expand the process of job seeking.

Alison Carmel is a professional education counselor and writer who work with the team of Essay Yard. Presently she is providing assistance to students who ask do my essay in order to develop top quality academic project that work in front of reviewers.

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Resources-for-FreelancersIf you are thinking of becoming a freelance writer, then you will be faced with lots of ways to find paid writing jobs online. The first thing you need to do is determine what type of work you want to do and find a way to secure it. The first part of this process is all up to you; you need to evaluate your skills and think whether you will look for jobs in creative writing, copywriting, blogging, or academic writing. The list of 10 websites provided below will help you find safe freelance writing jobs and start using your skills to make a living.

1. WorldStart.com

This website is primarily looking for articles in the computing/tech niche, which are being published in their daily email newsletter that reaches nearly 300,000 readers. That’s a great way to gain a lot of exposure and work your way towards bigger writing gigs.

2. oDesk

This is a platform for online jobs where beginners stand a chance. You can easily create your profile and apply to different job listings. You can find writing gigs on a wide variety of topics, depending on your interests. Although the competition at this website is crazy, you can still get noticed by submitting creative cover letters and applying to jobs that you can execute with perfection.

3. Write.com

This is another platform where you can get well-paying jobs that will launch you in the freelance writing business. The website is aimed towards helping its visitors to master the skills of writing. As a freelance writer, you can give examples that offer better explanation of a topic, provide guidance and answer questions to the website’s users.

4. Scripted

If you want to start working for Scripted, you will need to prove your expertise in at least one niche. The platform will automatically match you to businesses you can write for, so you can start producing content on topics that correspond to your interests and experience.

5. WriterAccess

Depending on how well you will do in the online writing test and what reviews you will get on your work, your payments at WriterAccess can reach up to $1.00 per word. You can write white papers, blog posts, and other types of content, depending on the client you are working for.

6. Media Shower

If journalistic style is your thing, then you can turn yourself into a marketable freelance writer with the help of MediaShower.com. The website is looking for writers who are able to write about familiar topics from a fresh perspective, tell a story and complete flawless content in terms of grammar and spelling.

7. Matador Network

Matador constantly accepts original pieces of content that speak to the identities, cultures, and adventures of people around the globe. You can browse through the articles published at the website and see if you have the needed knowledge and competence to write something within that range.

8. Demand Media Studios

At this website, you can get paid for writing articles on any topic that interests you. You can do well by providing captivating posts on fashion, budgeting, travel, lifestyle, and anything else you can think of. The program offers great monthly programs that will help you grow as a freelance writer.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a job market that freelance writers often neglect. This platform is a great resource to make connections and get email alerts with job posts that match your capacity. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, then you should immediately work on its development.

10. Essay Minions

This website offers a great opportunity to invest your knowledge and expertise into a highly-rewarding writing job. Depending on the requirements, you will work on research papers, essays, coursework, and other types of content with topics that fall under your niche. The payments are good and all the hard work you put into your degree will finally yield good results.

Don’t let the competition scare you!

If you are new to the freelance writing market, you may get overwhelmed by the number of choices and the crazy competition on most platforms. However, that should only motivate you to become better in what you do, since this career can be very profitable once you get noticed.

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Outlook-PST-File-CorruptionMicrosoft Outlook is an email client that benefits its users in many ways and one of which is Outlook PST file. PST is the abbreviation used for Personal Storage Table file that is the data file of Outlook used to store mailbox data of a user on his personal workstation. That means all Outlook users have their PST file on the local hard drive of their system wherein their emails, contacts, notes, and other mailbox data is stored. Therefore, the corruption of this file creates inaccessibility of the mailbox of that user and leads to severe data loss.

Generally, Outlook users think that the complex structure of PST file and their storage on the local hard drive of computer are main causes of its corruption, which is not true completely. It is many times seen that if you work carefully, then you can avoid PST corruption to great extent. Some of the common mistakes that Outlook users do unknowingly and encounter PST corruption are:

  • Quitting Outlook Abruptly: One of the biggest mistakes that Outlook users perform in their day to day working with Outlook is quitting Outlook abruptly. However, exiting Outlook without giving proper command to log off does not harm you always, but when Outlook is processing or finalizing the unsaved data on the PST file then there are high chances of corruption of PST file. Therefore, it is always a better way to quit Outlook properly.
  • Keeping Large PST File: Despite Outlook 2003, 2007, support 20GB PST file, but if you exceed its size to 10GB, then your PST file is more prone to corruption even in these versions. Though, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 has file size limit up to 50 GB, it is seen that most of the data loss problems and Outlook performance issues are caused due to large PST file. Thus it is said to keep your PST file in between 2GB and 10GB even in latest Outlook versions.
  • Saving PST File on Network Devices: PST files are designed to be saved on local hard drives of computers. At maximum, you can store them on an external hard drive for safety purposes, but if you store them on network device, then you are inviting corruption for them. Suppose, you have saved your PST file on the Network Server and trying to access it via client computer, then your PST for sure encounter corruption.
  • Improper Power Backup: As explained above, improper closing of Outlook leads to PST corruption, thus if you do not have proper power backup plan for your system, then sudden power loss can lead to PST corruption. In order to avoid this, it is suggested to have proper power backup plans like UPS.

However, if you fail to take these precautions and encountered PST corruption or even after observing these precautions you came across the corruption of your Outlook PST file, then use of professional Outlook PST repair software is recommended. There are various professional tools of this category available in the market that not only repair your corrupt PST file, but also restore all the data stored in it without causing data loss. But one recommended tool is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair.

We are saying this tool as recommended because this tool can fix any kind of damage to Outlook PST File. This is not just helpful to repair mail items but also can repair attachments, contacts, notes, journal, and tasks.  This tool not just repairs bulky PST file but also gives you option to reduce the size of PST file (Compact and Split options), so that further corruption can be avoided. Along with that it supports all latest version of MS Outlook like Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 as well as supports all latest Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc. This software is available at: www.scanpst.net

Therefore, whenever you come across the corruption of your PST file and want to restore your invaluable mailbox information, then opt for Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair software and get back to your normal working with Outlook.

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Online-Reputation-ManagementManagement of online reputation of a particular business concern, website or a blog is utmost necessary in order to have long lasting existence. Maximum of the executives fails to understand the fact that poor or improper online reputation management can lead to the reduction in the company`s sales figure. Online reputation management certainly has a great impact over the revenue of a company. Following are some tips that can help you to manage your online reputation in a better way:

  1. Owning a personal search engine result page: One must not remain contented with some specific links that render the search result page for the brand you own; rather you must aim at taking a complete advantage of your own search engine result page (SERP) by regulating it as much as you can.
  1. Blog: Blogging is an important way to get a particular brand popular over the web world. One can go for purchasing a domain that comprises the name of the brand for developing the blog with positive and professional information about the company`s products and services. Apart from publishing positive description about the company, blogging tends to lure the traffic than typical websites do. The enhanced traffic, thus assists you to have a better online reputation.
  1. Think something unusual: In order to get yourself noticed, you must aim at encouraging your clients by showing them that how they can benefit from your product or brand name. Using online videos via YouTube is a fantastic option for all online business owners to get enhanced rankings along with good reputation.
  1. Have an attractive PR strategy: One must not simply aim at relying upon news published by the companies; rather one must look for some peculiar ways for enhancing the usage of the must product. One must try to publicize the positive details about their product or brand. Along with that one can also sponsor some events in the Company’s name.
  1. Try Beeing Social: Beeing Social is a Digital Marketing agency. Try to promote your brand at major social networking websites. Needless to say these major social networking websites play a great role in rendering you with a massive online presence. However, promoting your brand on all platforms along with updating them regularly is something that must be done in order to achieve better online reputation for your company. Regular updates on social networking platforms will help your company in gaining positive and effective online presence along with gaining complete control over SERPs. Some of the major social profiles where one can choose to be active all day long include; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare and Google+. One must ensure that all social websites are linked together so as to save time and have a better online presence management.

Cost of online reputation management depends upon, the services and factors kept in mind while framing the plan of management for it. However, if the size of the concern and work scale is large, then the cost will also be comparatively higher. Beeing Social is always a good option for your website as it renders sound returns on the investments made!

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