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What You Missed Out On The Ebola Virus (source)

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Guide-Sterss-free-MoveIf you and your family are going to move to a new place, you have to prepare a lot of things. It is one of the hardest situations you can find yourself in, simply because the amount of work you have to do is so grand. Many surveys reveal that moving homes is a leading cause of stress for most people.

It is important to know how to deal with this situation, at least with the aspect of physical relocation.  If you want to pull off successful removals, you should be prepared to plan and execute everything right. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the work and if you don’t want this to happen, you should take into account the following tips:

  • Plan ahead and give yourself enough time - moving house requires a great deal of planning, which is why giving yourself enough time is the best tip you can get. There is nothing more important than to plan the whole process long before it actually takes place. This is because you want to have enough time to select the best moving service and book them at a time that is convenient for you. There is also the need to pack your belongings properly and prepare them for relocation. Basically everything related to removals requires a great deal of time, which you should give yourself plenty of, if you want to avoid any stress caused by the nearing deadline.
  • Pick the right moving service - you are going to need some means of transportation for your belongings. Hiring a moving company is the logical choice, if you are not able to transport your belongings on your own. But in order to pick the right service, you need to thoroughly research all available options. Compare the prices of different moving companies, see what discounts they offer and when you can book them. It is by researching the market that you can assure reliable movers to help you with relocation.
  • Acquire moving boxes - typically when it comes to moving, boxes are the most preferred choice, because they can be easily arranged in the moving van. Not only that, but also they allow easy storage for your belongings. Other than boxes you might have to acquire few specialised containers for clothes, glassware, electronics and hardware, as all of this requires moving too.
  • Pack your belongings properly and label the boxes - be very careful what and how you put in your boxes. You don’t want to open them just to find your items inside trashed, because you forgot to wrap them in protective layer. Label boxes so that you can easily find what you are looking for once the movers unload the van.
  • Care for your valuables - you should definitely not put your valuables in one of the boxes. Instead, you should always keep those under your personal supervision. Money in cash, documents and jewelry will be better stored with you and you will feel safer about it.

Follow these tips for a stress-free move, which will safely bring you and your belongings to your new place.

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Managing-Ethically-Inefficient-Group-PeopleA successful life:

The world we live in is no desirable place to dwell, all things considered. There are so many problems and diseases that we’d be better suited to the climate of Mars than we are on Earth. In order to be successful, you need to go to different lengths and overcome all sorts of hurdles. It takes courage, dedication, resilience, humility and most importantly, integrity to be able to lead your way out of trouble. It’s a well-known fact that we can’t end up anywhere in this world on our own; if we want to feel submissive and just get the easy money, then we can just get the first job in the newspaper by applying for it; but if it’s something bigger that we have in mind, then we need to overcome a lot more bigger hurdles and climb a lot steeper mountains. To build something out of scratch requires a lot of self-motivation, confidence and of-course devoted team members who are willing to do whatever it takes to make both ends meet.

Managing people:

It’s not the sort of world where we can just go out and hire the best people there are at the start of things. Maybe if you are a multi-million dollar businessman and things are looking very bright for your company, then the best people will come you to get hired. You will then not have the most difficult job as a leader; but often it doesn’t happen that way. We have to make do with whatever comes our way and often it’s a lot less than the best. Managing, ethically and capability-wise deficient people, takes a lot of doing. Let’s today, then discuss how to do it.


No two persons are the same and when it comes to a whole workforce you know you are going to be dealing with people from all ethnic backgrounds. The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is to treat everybody equally. Equality goes a long way and people then start to believe in themselves and your judgment more importantly as a manager. IF you don’t treat everybody in the same way or do some racial discrimination, then you are not setting the right examples.

Encouragements and motivation:

Another thing to keep in mind and always do is to motivate people to give input. If a person feels valued, then they are more expected to give the best inputs and produce the best outputs as well. A person who thinks that they are left out of the loop will most definitely just resort to keeping their mouth shut most of the times and as a manager of a group, you will not want that. Also, encouraging people by giving them incentives whenever a job is done valiantly is something very good too. IF you don’t give people what they deserve, you are not going to get what you deserve either.

To conclude, if all these things are kept in mind, then it’s highly likely that people are going to perform their best.

Author’s Bio: Mary Kingston writers for mycollegeessay.com. And she has been the lead writer for the website for over 2 years now. Her valuable comments and reviews on everyday life make her a strong asset.

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4G-Stand-Against-2G-3GWith the major telecom operators launching their 4G data plans in several Indian cities, curiosity and speculations are rife about its performance.

On May 19, 2015, Airtel launched its 4G post-paid plan in Hyderabad and Vizag. Earlier 4G was also launched in Mumbai.

Based on the speed test, it has been found that the maximum 4G speed in Hyderabad was 21.04 Mbps, which a moderate speed is considering the potential of this technology.

The test further showed that the speed was higher in the morning. However, it dropped significantly as the day went by.

On the other hand, in Mumbai, the speed was much higher. The download speed was between 42 Mbps and 62 Mbps. The upload speed was between 5 Mbps and 8 Mbps.

Will 4G be Another Flop Show?

A persistent question that comes up every now and then is - “Will 4G make its place among the 2G and 3G data users?”

There has been apprehension about 4G considering that 2G still has a stronghold and 3G is still struggling to consolidate its position in the Indian market.

Despite the hype about 3G in the past, it did not do that well as most of the mobile users still opt for 2G plans for their affordability. Now, with the arrival of 4G, the cost of the data plans are expected to be higher considering higher investment by telecom operators to incur the infrastructure cost.

Currently, Airtel is offering post-paid 4G plan at Rs.100 for 300 MB, Rs.250 for 1 GB and more. Other operators are also expected to keep competitive pricing with only marginal differences in their plans.

Though in terms of having consistent high speed, there are still a lot to be done. For example, currently telecom companies are using 2300 MHz band for 4G LTE, which is not enough for better network coverage. Due to this, deployment cost is likely to become higher.

Another factor is the chances of market penetration. According the newspaper reports in February, 2015, there are only 13 percent 3G/4G subscribers in India. It means, rest of the population still depend on 2G networks. Such a scenario raises doubts about 4G's potential to attract customers.

How 4G Can Propel Growth if Utilised Properly

India can witness a paradigm shift in terms of faster and more effective voice and data communication if 4G networks are implemented properly along with the right pricing.

In addition, this technology can drive growth in the manufacturing of 4G devices. A report published in May, 2015 shows that around 2.2 million units of LTE devices have been shipped to India in the first quarter. Out of these, 4G devices accounted for 97 percent of the shipments.

This data shows that expansion of 4G networks can boost the mobile market and bring about a positive change in the industry trends.

We need to wait and watch how this technology creates a stir in market. It depends on how subscribers across the nation respond to it. Right now, it is too early to give any verdict regarding 4G's success or failure in the near future.

Having issues against any network operator, submit your complaints with Akosha.

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Gain-Charge-Over-EmployeesOne of the major thing a company needs to consider in order to improve productivity is to know how well the employees spend their time during the office hours, what they do and what their needs are! This is why the employers try to look into the matter so as to keep an eye on the employees and the latest not-so-tricky way is to monitor their cell phones using a cell phone monitoring software. This way the employers will always be updated with the activities of their employees.

Most will consider it illegal to monitor somebody’s cell phone, but here we’re referring to the cell phones owned by the company, which are provided to the employees for their betterment. So yes, if your employees use the phones provided by the organization, then legally you’re the owner, hence you can monitor the cell phones.

When one talks about employee monitoring, it doesn’t refer to monitoring the personal life of an employee. It basically means that since an employee is company’s asset, the company has every right of monitoring the activities of the ‘employee’ in order to save company. Moreover, it's quite obvious that the company would be least interested to know about an employee’s personal life; just anything related with company is what they’re looking for! Some company enforce employee policy and even tell their workers that they’re being monitored.

Lets look at a few rules which further clarify employee monitoring, and the facts related to device monitoring :

  • An employer has full right to monitor and keep an eye on all of the property belonging to company. This includes the way employee’s use company’s resources such as company owned cell phones. This will improve and secure the company information.
  • The employer also has every right to look into the cell phones that belong to the company, which means that those cell phones can be monitored.
  • Employee’s Cell phone monitoring should be purposely carried out, and even the employees should be informed that the company owned cell phones will be regularly monitored.
  • Employees who agree to work in the company in spite of the fact that the company cell phone will be monitored, agree to all of this.

As an employer, if you have decided to be more strict towards the employees and implement cell phone monitoring, then the first thing you would want to do is find out the best employee monitoring software like FlexiSpy . Such an application will help you to see each and every activity of the monitored cell phone; information including the call details, sms, video, emails, GPS location, browser history and so on. After the installation has been performed, all the data can be conveniently seen in an online account which will be provided by the monitoring software company, this account can only be accessed by you.

Employee monitoring app is probably the best way to keep an eye on your employees and gain control over them. This app helps you to look into the matters which might be very crucial for your company.

Author Bio: Kerrie is expert in reviewing best phone spy software such as mSpy, FlexiSpy. HighSter Mobile at Spyengage a website which reviews spy software.