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What-IP-address-NETGEAR-routerIn order to have the regular internet connection, today most of the individuals and business people are installing different wireless routers at their home or office. From among the various wireless router brands, Netgear is the most famous and preferable choice of many users. Every router for getting the wireless internet connection has the default IP (Internet Protocol) address at all. If you are using the Netgear wireless router at your home/office, it is essential to know the IP address of your Netgear router device.

Finding the Netgear router IP address:

Netgear router models for your home network generally have or as the default ip addresses. The default ip address values of the Netgear routers are known for everyone. Sometimes, the users are personalizing their router settings and change the default values. In such situations, they may not know the current ip address of their router. The following steps and instructions are very helpful to locate the current IP address of your Netgear home router.

·  The Netgear router users can able to access your device by just typing http://192.168.01 or on your web browser.

·  During the access of these default ip address, you have to make sure that 192.168.o.1.1 is wrong address and the actual ip address of the Netgear router is 192.168.01 or are the correct and good ip addresses to access your device. 

·  If your browser shows the page not found error, then your router ip address may have been changed prior.

While finding the ip address on the browser, everyone has to make sure that your computer is connected wirelessly or wired to the router device. The system which you are using should have to get the router’s ip address automatically. If the computer is using the static internet protocol address, then you will also need to configure it for obtaining its ip address automatically.

Steps to get the Netgear ip address for Windows computers:

In order to locate the current internet protocol (IP) address of your Netgear router, you have to follow anyone these sequences of steps based on your computer operating system (OS).

Windows XP:

1. On the Start menu, you need to right click on the My Network Places option, and click on the properties.

2. If your computer is connected to the router through wire, it is essential to double click the Local Area Connection. If there is a wireless connection between the computer and a router device, you need to double click the Wireless Network Connection option.

3. After that, you need to click on the support tab and click on details. There will be a pop-up window which displays your router’s current IP address.

Windows Vista:

1. On the Start menu, you have to right click on the Network option and choose the properties. It will open the Network and Sharing center.

2. If your computer is connected to the router wirelessly, you can click view status option available to the right side of the wireless network connection. When there is a wired connected between the computer and Netgear router, you need to click on the view status option to the right side of the local area connection.

3. Then, click on the details option. Your Netgear router IP address will be displayed next to the Ipv4 default gateway.

Windows 7:

1. In the start menu bar, you can right click on the network connection icon and choose the Open network and sharing center.

2. For the wireless connection, click on the wireless network connection option and for the wired connection to the router, you need to click on the Local Area Connection.

3. In this step, you can click on the details. Next to the Ip version 4 default gateway, the IP address of your Netgear router will be displayed.

Finding IP address on Mac operating systems:

If you are using the Mac computers, the following steps are useful to find the Netgear IP address.

Mac OS X terminal method:

1. You need to launch the terminal which is located in the path / applications/ utilities.

2. Then, you have to type ifconfig |grep inet command

3. The requested details will be shown on the screen.

4. The internet protocol address of your Netgear router is actually shown next to the last broadcast entry.

5. You can also use another command line option like ifconfig getifaddr en1 or en0 to show your device IP address.

OS X 10.5 and later versions:

1. From the Apple menu, you have to select the System preferences option and then choose the Network.

2. In this window, the users can click the network port based on the type or wired/wireless connection between your router and computer such as Airport/Ethernet/Wifi.

If there is a connection made, then you will see the IP address of the Netgear router under the status.

About the author: Hi, my name is Masha and I am is passionate about technology, internet marketing and I am writer who writes on computer technology questions like router settings, computer security, ip address and many more questions about computer problems.

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Link-Building-Small-Business-OwnerEvery small business passes through that stage where they struggle to gain on the big players in the industry. When it comes to local link building and SEO, small businesses struggle, with many at a loss on how to build local links. Links are important to any SEO strategy. Research shows that links are the SEO tactic with the highest search engine results association than all known strategies. Here are some important link building strategies any company, or small businessoffering or in need of Utah SEO services might want to take advantage of.


When it comes to links, Google does not just respect quantity but quality. Links to a respected industry influencer with a high search engine results page ranking and reputation will go a long way in improving one’s visibility. But how does a small business owner or web master create relationships with the biggest industry players, even locally? One useful way is to become a regular contributor to their websites of blogs. Users trust that the big influencers will only allow contributors who bring something valuable. Furthermore, regular contributions by a small player are often seen bymany as an honest contribution.

Local partnerships

Every local online marketing company knows that there is a huge potential in local partnerships just waiting to be leveraged for prosperity. It is relatively easy to reach the biggest players locally, or to take advantage of relationships formed in the past. Most of the time, small business owners have one or two contacts among the biggest local industry circle that they can get in touch with for local link placement. Aim for the franchises that are owned locally instead of going for the big businesses. Other possible avenues are local official community blogs or tourist websites that might need contributions. Sponsoring local events that work with small businesses can bring links from the sponsored event’s page.

Business mentions

Many times, blogs or articles mention one’s business without linking to it. These are opportunities that can be leveraged for link building. Look for websites or blogs that mention the business locally, and reach out to them asking whether one can link to the business. There are tools online that can help businesses look for such mentions.

Resource page

Creating a resource page will have other businesses linking to this page easily. For instance, a small restaurant can create a resource page detailing a list of the best places to have Sunday brunch in the city. This will have the other restaurants linking to this page, and improve one’s standing. Create a resource page rich in information, and once the attention of the businesses mentioned is captured, this effort will pay off. It might even land interviews and guest appearances on podcasts, webinars and blog posts.


Every business must work hard to provide quality content on their website. The standards are higher for small businesses, though. Do not just produce tips and lists borrowed from other blogs. Go for such premium content as

· Podcasts

·  Case studies

·  White papers

·  Blogs that provide in-depth analysis

·  Co-created blog posts

Stephanie Clarke is a top SEO expert and blogger. She has been in the industry several years and runs a company that offers Utah SEO services. She also mentors and advices small businesses and beginner SEO specialists.

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Cell-Phone-Signal-Booster-hoDo you need to run outside with your cell phone every time you receive a call? Do you go through constantly breaking up of voice while speaking on phone? Well, bad cell phone reception is just terrible. But cell phone booster is an easy solution to this daunting problem. Cell phone signal boosters or cell phone receptors are designed to address poor cell phone reception. They diagnose a weak signal and amplify it to provide you a strong signal. They even bypass all obstructions to provide a clearer reception. If you are planning to get a cell phone signal booster for your home, you must read the following guidelines on how to choose the best signal booster.

Consider the carriers and networks you need to support

Cell phone signal boosters are designed to amplify only specific frequencies of radio waves. These frequencies address specific carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc. and even the networks supported on those carriers are specific like 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE. Therefore, consider the carriers and networks you need to support. Most of the carriers use the same frequency for 2G and 3G networks that are supposed to handle voice calls and data; therefore you can use the same amplifier for them. But 4G LTE networks use different frequencies, so you’ll need a signal booster specially designed to support the same.

Signal strength outside

In order to determine how strong an amplifier is required to provide adequate coverage, you will need to consider the outside signal strength. If the signal strength outside is weak. You will require a strong cell phone signal booster to amplify the signal and get proper coverage for the areas with weak reception. The choice of your signal booster will directly depend on the signal strength outside.

Coverage area

Another important factor that will help you decide which type of signal booster will meet your needs is the area that needs to be covered. In order to determine how strong an amplifier you’ll need, both the outside signal strength and area to be covered plays a key role. Also, the layout of the area to be covered in boosted signal helps determine what type of inside antenna you will need. Dome antenna is a good choice if the coverage area is on one floor only. But if you are looking to boost the reception on multiple floors, you will need a panel antenna since it is more directional and ensures proper distribution of signal.

These three parameters will easily help you decide which signal booster is best suited to provide you a good cell phone reception inside your home. But this is not the only piece of information you need to pick the right system for you. Since factors like local geography, construction of the house etc also play a key role in causing signal issues. You must consider everything before getting a signal booster for your home.

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Nothing beats the smell of clean and fresh clothes. But, the first step to keeping your clothes clean and stink-free is to regularly clean and maintain your washer. We’ll teach you how!

Washers are one of the home staples that cost a lot of dough. That’s why you have to make sure they stay in tip-top shape to produce only the cleanest and freshest laundry – curtains, beddings, and most especially, clothes. Clean and fresh clothes aren’t only pleasant to the smell and sight, they also help boost confidence. To do that, you have to start with your washer.

To help you extend the life of your washer and produce cleaner clothes every time you do your laundry, here are cleaning tips you must practice and do’s and don’ts you must know about:

#1 Fill your washing machine with water first.

Not filling your washer with water first every time you do your laundry is one common mistake you unknowingly do. In doing your laundry, start filling your washer with water first, your HE detergent second, and your clothes right after.

But, make sure to allow your detergent to dissolve in water first before you add in your clothes.

Filling your washer first with water before the laundry work can result to better rinsed and squeaky clean clothes.

#2 Use only high-efficiency (HE) detergents.

To avoid damaging your washing machine, make sure to always use only high-efficiency (HE) detergents. Regular detergents produce a lot of suds that build up and lead to a breeding ground for molds.

These suds can damage your washer mechanically or electronically. They can hamper the tumbling action that cleans your laundry and cause your washer’s pump to overheat.

On the opposite, HE detergents don’t produce suds and even require less water. To extend your washer’s life, use only HE detergents.

#3 Check your laundry for hooks, coins, etc.

Before putting your laundry in the washer, always check for items such as: brassieres with underwire, pulled down zipper tabs, coins in pockets, and any metal. These types of objects can do great damage to your washer’s drum and glass door. Make sure to keep them away before tossing your laundry in the washer.

For bras, you can either hand wash it or put into mesh bags. Regarding clothes with zippers, make sure to pull the zippers all the way up before tossing into the washer. As for coins and other metal objects, remove them before tossing your laundry into your washer.

#4 Never overstuff your washer with laundry.

Check your user manual and see how much is your washer’s recommended load capacity to avoid overstuffing your washer with dirty laundry.

Overstuffing your washer with dirty laundry that’s over its maximum load capacity can shorten its life. Doing this can cause wear in your washer’s suspension and bearings heavily.

Also, take note that there are items that weigh more than the others such as denim, wool sweaters, and the like.

#5 Make use of the washer’s built-in settings.

Washer settings are built and put in your washer for a reason. Refrain from using the same settings and cycles for different types of loads. It may be safe to use the regular setting for most of your loads, but it’s recommended to explore the other settings as well.

Not all laundry requires the same washing needs. Some need extra rinses, different temperature, etc. This is why specific settings are designed for different kinds of loads.

Explore the other settings indicated in your washer and see results.

#6 Limit or forego your use of fabric softeners.

Because most high-efficiency washers require less water to perform, they also need fewer products such as detergents, etc. Regarding fabric softeners, it’s recommended to limit or forego their use.

In a whole load of laundry, one teaspoon of liquid fabric conditioner can already suffice. The same goes for bleach. But, if it’s really needed, one tablespoon of concentrated bleach or two tablespoons regular will do for a while load.

Know that the use of wrong laundry products can void your warranty.

#7 Remove damp clothes promptly after wash.

Remove loads immediately after they’re done washing. Do not let them sit in your washer. Damp clothes and laundry can encourage musty and stinky smells, plus mold and mildew – not only in your washer, but also in your clothes.

Do not let your washer become a breeding ground for these eeky smells and organisms.

Every time you finish a load, take your wet laundry out of your washing machine immediately, then dry.

#8 Wipe clean your washer door’s rubber seal.

Moisture helps mold spores to grow and colonize. Highly humid areas become a breeding ground for extreme mold growth. To keep molds from growing in your washer, you also have to consider cleaning the rubber seal in your washer’s door.

The washer’s rubber gasket traps odor, suds, and bits of fabric. Spray it with a half water-half vinegar solution then wipe with a damp cloth. For hard to reach areas, use Q-tips.

You can use this solution to wipe clean your washer’s drum as well.

#9 Clean your washer with vinegar monthly.

To maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your washer, practice a monthly cleaning session. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this. Household staple items like vinegar and baking soda can do the trick. Just pour in some white vinegar to the dispenser, then add a cup of baking soda into the washer’s drum.

Set the washer to its highest level and hottest water setting. Run a complete cycle. If there are any residue left, just repeat the process.

Once your washer has drained, wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth.

#10 When not in use, leave your washer door ajar.

After doing your laundry or when your washer’s not in use, leave its door slightly ajar. By doing this, air circulation inside your washer will improve and prevent the buildup of stinky smell, mold, and mildew.

Let fresh air circulate in and through your washer. When your washer is fresh and clean, your clothes, beddings, and other laundry can be fresh and squeaky clean as well.

Leaving your washer’s door or lid slightly open every after use can also extend the cleanliness and freshness of your washer.

Your washing machine plays a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness of your household – esp. your wardrobe. Extend the life of your washer and produce cleaner and fresher laundry by following the tips listed above. Happy washing!

Floralyn Teodoro is a writer of all sorts who works for King's Great Buys Plus and other websites. When she's not writing, she's probably travelling or reading books and poetry. 

Is-your-partner-swiping-behind-backOne of the most enigmatic dilemmas of the present time is whether you should monitor your partner’s cell phone activity or not. Spouse monitoring isn’t a novelty anymore, because people are already resorting to unthinkable ways of catching their cheating partner.

Is your spouse swiping behind your back, or kissing someone under the mistletoe? You can find it with our special guide on spouse monitoring apps. Also, don’t forget to check out the dos and Don’ts of spying, unless you want to get yourself in some serious trouble. You will also get to read what sex therapist Jennine Estes has to say on this topic.

But first, check out these intriguing facts about spouse spying.

· 6 out of 10 women believe that they won’t end their marriage if find out about their husband’s infidelity.

· 24 percent of the men and 36 percent of the women believe that their partners have been unfaithful.

· One out of six women regularly check their partner’s cell phone history.

· 7 out 10 women have found the evidence of their SO cheating on them.

· 50 percent of the men who spied on their partner found out evidence of deception on the partner’s phone.

If you have ever used Tinder, you would know what “swipe” really means, and considering this is the single most famous dating app, it comes under experts’ scrutiny, time and again.

Technology — a doorway to unfaithfulness

With more ways to chat, talk and date, technology has made it easier for people to cheat. Apps like Tinder, Grindr, Down, and Bumble, are the epicentre of hookups. And then, the encrypted messaging apps make it all more convenient for people to keep their illicit dinner plans discrete.

But it hasn’t just got easier to cheat, but also to catch a cheating partner. From online websites that scrape public data to spyware like xnspy.com, there are endless options.

UsIng a spouse monitoring app to catch a cheating partner

Spouse monitoring spyware can be installed onto a smartphone (covertly or overtly) to enable remote surveillance of the target person. These apps can tell you more than just about your partners’ whereabouts, but also, if they had been using dating apps in your absence.

To use this spouse monitoring app, you may be required a one-time-access to your partner’s cell phone. After that, everything works remotely. This is the convenience of spyware. XNSPY give people more chances to use it for monitoring others’ cell phones, because they are affordable.

Couples aren’t spying on each other because they are monsters with no ethics, they want to get a tangible proof of their SO’s infidelity. You can ask any therapist and they will tell you talk to your partner about this, but what if the answer to your question “are you cheating on me”, is a plain “no”? Are you going to accept the denial and simply move on with it?

Not many people can move on with their partner’s infidelity and consequently resort to extracting a valid proof of it. There is a need to understand the dos and don’ts of spouse monitoring before getting your hands onto your partner’s cell phone.

For an app like XNSPY, you could easily access social media and dating apps on your partner’s cell phone. For advanced monitoring apps like aforementioned, it’s necessary you know what they are capable of and how you can avoid legal consequences.

· XNSPY isn’t just a social media and dating apps tracker. It monitors photos, videos, and even record calls. What you may find out on your partner’s cell phone could turn out to be highly inappropriate. Make sure you are up for it.

· To legally use a spouse monitoring app, the partners need to take each other’s consent.   Covert monitoring maybe very fruitful, but you can end up with a lot of troubles for doing that.

· Consensual spouse monitoring could be helpful to both partners as they can track each other’s location for safety reasons.

What do experts have to spy on spouse monitoring?

Jennine Estes, who is a sex therapist, talks about how tracking apps could be mutually beneficial. She believes that these apps can give partners a proof of each other’s loyalty. In fact, these apps have even helped couples to forgo feelings of jealousy, mistrust and insecurity. When a spouse monitoring app is used, there are no secrets anymore. Everything gets transparent and real relationships strengthen. Estes believe that these apps can help a person avoid long term pain by catching their cheating partner in time.

“The idea of monitoring to check if your partner is faithful is nice,” she says. “But it’s also sad that people have to resort to these in this time and age”.